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For our readers today we have selected one of the most popular American footballers in the world known by the name of Amari Cooper. He is the Wider Receiver for the NFL team Oakland Raiders. Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.

Who Is Amari Cooper?

Amari Cooper is an American football wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League [NFL]. Amari Cooper is of African American descent. Other than that no family lineage history is known. It is speculating that his family in America since its civil war.

Amari Cooper Biography 
Real Name: Amari Cooper
Nick Name: Mr. Cooper
Profession: American Footballer (NFL)
Nationality: United States
Height: 6 feet 1 inches (1.85 meters)
Weight: 210 Lbs. (92 kg)
Birth Date: 17-06-1994
Age: 25 Years
Birth Place: Miami, Florida
Zodiac Sign:
Favourite Female Personality: Michelle Green (Mother)
Favourite Food:
Favourite Perfume Brand: Aventus Creed Puma Nike
Favourite Holiday Destination: Hometown Miami
Favourite Color: White
Address: Contact: Mailing: Amari Cooper c/o Oakland Raiders Coliseum 7000 Coliseum Way Oakland, CA 94621

Amari Cooper Personal Life:-

For personal life, we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to hobbies that can be of importance to the fans.

Amari Cooper Likes:-

To spend time with his family

Working out


Amari Cooper Dislike:-


Amari Cooper Controversies:-

Following are some of the controversies about Amari Cooper’s life.

  • In 2016’s seasonal games, Cooper made a touchdown against the San Diego Chargers; however, the Jude ruled it to be not a touchdown and raised the Penalty Flag at Cooper’s feet. Lots of negative comments were thrown by Cooper and fans towards the judge’s ruling.
  • In June 2017, Cooper showered up looking immensely jacked up at the Training camp. People made many concerned comments about it that either it was good or a bad thing. He has seriously put on some muscle but will be able to maintain his speed also. Cooper Bio. The recent plays, however, have proved all of the concerns wrong.
  • What one other controversy before his NFL picks up by Oakland Raiders was about his 40 yard dash time. It was recorded to be 4.40 seconds. However, the NFL officials informed the teams that the time was actually in between 4.35 to 4.38 seconds and was strongly timed.
  • In 2016 Oakland Raiders played against Atlanta Falcons and lost it. Cooper had to learn the Five Yard Rule by Atlanta’s Cornerback Desmond Trufant after being flagged for illegal touching. Cooper admitted that he did not know about the rule in NFL and it was different from College football rules.

Amari Cooper Favorite Things:-

In this portion of bio, we have decided to include all the innermost liking feature of the celebrity about which type of favorites are there for them in their normal routine life.

Amari Cooper Affairs:-

Cooper has kept his personal life as much secretive as he can. There is no information as to whether he any relationship with a girl or a man. He has not given any comments about his married status either.

Amari Cooper Facts:-

Some of the known cool facts about the celebrity are as follows.

  • Before becoming the big shot at University of Alabama’s football team, Amari Cooper was the star player on his high school team of Miami Northwestern High School. Amari Cooper Bio. He played under Coach Billy Rolle.
  • During his junior year of high school, Amari suffered an injury, but he still managed to make his team 16 catches for 175 yards. He also made four scores.
  • The famed Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was the alum of the same school as the Amari Cooper. During Gridiron season matches, Amari and Teddy were each other’s primary targets.
  • It rumored that he among the list of Top 5 Wide receivers coming out of High School but instead major sporting critics named him 6th and 7th on their respective lists.
  • He was ranked 46th by ESPNU among the list of Top 50 Players Coming out of High School. Other major critics were 247 Sports and They placed him 55th and 86th

Amari Cooper Position:-

  • Amari Cooper was offered positions at major universities of Florida State, but instead, he decided to go with the University of Alabama.
  • While attending Alabama football team, Amari Cooper broke the 62 years standing record by the former player Al Lary. The record was for 11 touchdowns in a single season as a freshman.
  • His Receptions and Receiving Yards stats were even better than the former Alabama player Julio Jones.
  • His freshman year, Amari Cooper led his team with 59 receptions for 1000 receiving yards.
  • Julio Jones was considered a great player for Alabama, but when Copper came, he was deemed as a simply magnificent player. Amari Cooper broke multiple team records of Alabama, and most of these records were set by Julio Jones.
  • He received the Nation’s Top receiver award after his Junior Season of College Football. The name of the award is Biletnikoff.

Amari Cooper All-American Teams Titles:-

  • Cooper received multiple All-American Teams titles.
  • He was also named as the Southeastern Conference’s Offensive Player of the Year in his junior year of college.
  • He was invited as the candidate for the Heisman trophy but finished third from 1st
  • Amari Cooper simply did not receive the scholarship from Alabama instantly. Instead, he performed for the coach Nick Saban in the Alabama Summer Camp, and after seeing his talent, Nick Saban offered him a place at the University of Alabama.
  • Julio Jones and Amari Cooper had many of the similar football qualities. They both were Alabama team players and set many records while being their part. One common and perhaps the most underrated fact about them both is that they scored the records for “Most Receiving Yards in a Single Game.” This record set both times against Tennessee Titans a team now for his defense.
  • It already well established that Amari Cooper would be among top five overall pick up during his draft year.

Amari Cooper Oakland Raiders:-

  • Amari Cooper came as the fourth overall pick up by the Oakland Raiders.
  • Cooper received his first NFL penalty while playing his first NFL game against Cincinnati Bengals. Oakland Raiders lost that game.
  • His first ten touchdown reception catches were thrown to him by team quarterback Derek Carr.
  • After being the big shot celebrity with a net worth of $20 million, Amari Cooper finally decided to return the favor of kindness to his mother. Amari Cooper Bio. He bought her a dream house and a Range Rover car in March of 2017.
  • Amari Cooper is known to be a reserved player in all the NFL team. Not much is known about his private life, or he has kept it a tightly knit secret from the public. He has not sea with a girlfriend since his joining of Raiders.
  • He is the youngest and only brother of four sisters.

Amari Cooper Net Worth:-

To let the avid fans of this celebrity be aware of their idol’s true net worth in the world. Amari Cooper Bio. Today we have placed all of their known financial assets and earnings up to date.

Cooper net worth is at an estimating figure of about $20 million.

Amari Cooper is the member of the NFL team Oakland Raiders as their wide receiver player. Amari Cooper was the fourth overall pick up by his team back in 2015 NFL; draft. Amari Cooper Bio. He under their contract of four years with a worth of about $22.5 million. This deal also made all the salary earnings guaranteed and also earned Amari Cooper a signing bonus check of about $14.5 million instantly. This check was the first step in Amari Cooper net worth accumulation. Ever since then he has been on a roll of fame and fortune. Being a bets member of a professional NFL team, along with salary earnings from the team, Amari Cooper now has various other sources of income that are increasing his net worth steadily. All of the sources from which the Amari Cooper net worth of 20 million is estimating are as follows.

  • Signing bonus from the team
  • Salaries from team
  • Brand Endorsement Fees
  • Private Investments
  • House
  • Car collection

His earnings from private investments and his brand endorsement campaigns are a total of about $2 million annually. These investments are also estimating to increase in the coming years after his new deal with the Oakland Raiders.

Amari Cooper Cars:-

All the celebrities tend to move around in luxury cars and planes all across the globe. Since being very rich, they are bound to be in possession of some cars that depict their psychological taste.

Amari Cooper is the member of an NFL team and is also one of the best wide receivers not only for his team but among all of the NFL teams. His offensive gameplay earned him lot fame in general public of football lovers, and he is now a legit celebrity. Amari Cooper Bio. To maintain his persona of a celebrity, Amari Cooper has to make special appearances, and for these appearances, there is no other thing better than to have luxurious transportations. For these very reasons, this youngster rookie player has himself a car collection with 4 of the luxurious cars of noted brand names. The names of the cars are as follows.

  • Ford Ferrari GT 2015 model
  • Cadillac CTS Sedan 2015 model
  • Ford Mustang 2016
  • Aston Martin Vanquish 2017 model

The worth of Amari Cooper car collection is made to be about $1 million.

Amari Cooper Houses:-

Houses are also one of the most important parts of a celebrity’s life, especially for their fan. They want to know what their idol’s net worth, what does he like what is his likeness on anything. Same goes for the houses too. Amari Cooper was born in the Projects of Miami, Florida. Life for the residents of that area very troublesome and they had to work hard to meet the basic needs of life. Amari Cooper Bio.

Coming out all of the hardships in life, Amari Cooper is now a young millionaire who can now fulfill all of his desires. One of these desires to own a house of his own and Amari did so by buying himself a luxurious house. This house bought back in 2015 after signing the contract deal with the Oakland Raiders and receiving a signing bonus check of $14.5 million. The house listed at a price of about $1.6 million in 2015 but is now estimating to be at about $1.7 million. It is locating in the suburbs of the California City in an unincorporated community.

Amari Cooper Family Tree:-

For this portion, we have made conclusive research to tell our readers about the lineage of this celebrity for the better understanding of any question that arises in the minds of fans.

Fans of Amari Cooper are eager to learn all about his life, and that includes his family tree details. Amari Cooper Bio.  Although not much known about Amari cooper’s family life but whatever. We could find placing here in a brief manner.

Amari Cooper Father Name:-

The name of Amari Cooper father not made public by family. Amari Cooper Bio. Only his Surname Cooper is known and is made a part of his children officially. According to Amari himself, he never sees or seems to remember seeing his father in his life.

Amari Cooper Mother Name:-

The name of Amari Cooper’s mother is Michelle Greene. She was a single mother of five children who raised them all on her own. She worked double jobs and always traveled on foot or public transportation. Amari Cooper Bio.  Despite all her hardship, she raised her five children with all the basic needs of life. Amari loves his mother very much for her struggles and sacrifices she made for her family. Cooper recently bought her mother her dream house and her dream car, Range Rover.

Amari Cooper Siblings:-

While growing up, Amari Cooper had four older sisters. Their names are as follows.

  • Airrika Cooper
  • Avery Cooper
  • Ashley Cooper
  • Aspen Cooper

Amari Cooper Children:-

Cooper does not have any children.

Amari Cooper Best Friends:

  • Derek Carr
  • Johnny Holton

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