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Celebrities are the people that we look up to for motivation and inspiration in our own life. Nowadays celebrating following is only because of a trend. People are following multiple celebrities based on their performances in their respective fields. The hype on social media nowadays is all about celebrity gossip.

These gossips are generally about their achievements, their lifestyle and their net worth including all of their assets and earning sources. In America, Sports has gained popularity from the very beginning and with modern advancements in fields of media and communications, this passion has only increased. Baseball, basketball and American football are some of the major sports in America nowadays and their players are hailed as celebrities.

Amari Cooper Net Worth:-

Amari Cooper net worth is at estimating figure of about $20 million.

He is a professional American Football player for the NFL team Oakland Raiders. He is acting as their wide receiver since his pickup back in 2015 by Oakland Raiders in NFL draft. Amari Cooper the fourth overall pick up of the NFL draft and prove his worth on the field with his past three years of gameplay. Amari Cooper Net Worth. Before that he made the world know of him while playing for Alabama University. For his rookie contract with the Oakland Raiders, he offered a deal of about $22.5 million from a team with all of it being guaranteed in salary earning. His joining of the NFL is the first thing that made him a candidate to amass himself a huge net worth.

Amari Cooper along with his salary earnings with various other sources from which he amassed his net worth. All of the sources from which this net worth calculating are as follows.

  • Signing bonus from the team
  • Salary earnings from team
  • Brand endorsement fees
  • Private investments
  • House
  • Car collection

We will explain each of the above-mentioned sources for understanding the current Amari Cooper net worth by his fans.

Amari Cooper Net Worth 
Profession: NFL Player
Birth Date: 17-06-1993
Age: 26 Years
$20 Million
Nationality: American USA
Birth Place: Miami, Florida
6 feet 1 inches (1.85 meters)
Weight: 210 Lbs. (92 kg)

Amari Cooper Signing Bonus:-

Amari Cooper is the rookie player of the NFL team Oakland Raiders. He picking up by them in 2015’s NFL draft and was offered a rookie contract of about $22.5 million. Amari Cooper Net Worth. The contract offered Amari Cooper a signing bonus of $14.5 million instantly. This signing bonus the first real money that helped Amari Cooper to grow his net worth that it is today. Other than that the contract is fully guaranteed for complete worth.

Amari Cooper Salary Earnings from Team:-

The next source that is a major contributor in Amari Cooper net worth accumulation is the Salary Earnings for the team. The contract under which Amari is bound to Oakland Raiders is for four years and it offers the player with full guaranteed salaries to be earned under contract. Amari Cooper Net Worth. One other clause of Amari’s contract with Oakland Raiders allows them to put him under Fifth Year Option as their member. This clause to inaction is for future and the further deal to be made by Amari Cooper are too. For fans, we have gathered the details of the salary earnings by Amari Cooper from his contract deal as per issued by Oakland Raiders itself. These details are as follows.

  • In 2015, Amari made a total of about $4.12 million in salary earnings along with bonuses from that year. However, no work out fee was offered.
  • Amari Cooper made a total of about $5.15 million the next year of 2016 including all bonuses.
  • For 2017, Amari’s salary earnings are a total of about $7.21 million including all bonuses.
  • The last year of his contract, in 2018, Amari is set to make a total of about $7.21 million.

For the last three years of his contract, Amari also put on the Roster Bonus list, however, no work out fee was offered to him.

Amari Cooper Brand Endorsement Fees:-

Amari Cooper has been famous since his time at the University of Alabama. He broke many of the Alabama team records which were set by his predecessors and especially by Julio Jones. Amari Cooper has been in the brand endorsement business ever since his college days due to all of his achievements but all of the said brands were local. Now as Amari has joined the NFL team and has performed immensely well in his last three years, he has gained himself quite a fan base. Wherever he goes fans just pile up on him to get a picture taken with him or get his photograph.

All of this attention left unmissed by major brands. One brand that always knows to put famous athletes under his contract is Nike. Amari Cooper Net Worth. Same as the condition for Amari Cooper. Amari Cooper along with many other fresh faces of NFL teams is under brand endorsement contract with Nike. It is estimating that he earns about $1 million annually in brand endorsement fees.

Amari Cooper Private Investments:-

Amari Cooper is still a rookie in the Football world but he has been through enough struggles in his life that made him understand about the harshness of life. He is well aware of the fact that all the money and fame in the world cannot last long and to be earning continuously. For this very reason, Amari Cooper has made private investments in various business ventures. Amari Cooper Net Worth. Although the nature of these investments is not yet made public however it is presumed that they are of worth about $4 to $6 million. These private investments are further estimating to be making him a steady profit margin of about $1 million in annual income.

Amari Cooper House:-

Although Amari Cooper did not live a life of financial struggle but still his life was not that of a celebrity. After becoming the Football superstar it was inevitable for him to make an appearance of his life for his fans and the general public. For that reason, there is none another thing better than a luxury house. Other than that Amari Cooper has to stay close to his team for multiple off-season training camps along with seasonal matches. Amari Cooper Net Worth. For this very reason, Amari bought himself a house in the suburbs of California City. The house is situated in an unincorporated community and is one of the expensive areas for a property. Amari bought this house right after being signed by Oakland Raiders and receiving his signing bonus. The house worth is at an estimating figure of about $1.7 million.

Amari Cooper Car Collection:-

Now that Amari made it into big boys club at NFL and also made the list of best NFL players for two years, he is bound to make his appearance as a celebrity in general public. To show off that persona of an athletic celebrity there are none other things better than to have a car collection of luxury and lavish types. Amari Cooper Net Worth. Amari is still a rookie but he receiving one of the modest NFL deals from his team along with a heavy signing bonus check. This allowed him to not only buy a lavish house but also a whole collection of luxury cars. Amari Cooper currently holds 4 lavish sports cars in his collection. Their names are as follows.

  • Ford
  • Cadillac
  • Mustang
  • Aston Martin

Amari Cooper’s car collection is worth about $1 million.


Amari Cooper has been earning football salary earnings since his college football days via sponsors and various brand endorsements. But all of this is insignificant to the money he is earning as a professional NFL player. Mari Cooper’s net worth has seen a hike of about 200 percent in past. Three years, it is bound to have another hike after his contract with the Oakland Raiders comes to maturity. Amari Cooper Net Worth. The estimate for another increase is in four years period and it will be of about another 200 percent.

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