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Andi Dorfman is one of the famous American television personality, author, and former assistant district attorney. One of the famous reality she performed in was named as The Bachelor in 18th season and also came in the show named The Bachelorette in the 10th season. Andi became famous in the episode of Juan Pablo Galavis in the show named The Bachelor. Also, she wrote a book which became the reason of her fame, and the name of that book was it’s not okay, and she became one of the bestsellers in the city of New York for the book Single state mind.

Andi Dorfman Biography 
Real Name: Andi Dorfman
Nick Name:
5'5" (1.65m)
Weight: 54 kg
Birth Date: 03-04-1987
Age: 33 Years
Birth Place:
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Who is Andi Dorfman?

Andi Dorfman is one of the American TV personality, former assistant district attorney, and author. She is one of the famous reality show performers who got the fame with the show named Bachelor in the 18th season and also came in the show named The Bachelorette on the season 10th. Andi became famous in the episode of Juan Pablo Galavis in one of the shows named Bachelor.

The Early life of Andi Dorfman

Andi was born on 3rd April 1987 in Atlanta Georgia, US. She has two sisters, and she is the younger one of them. Andi studied at Louisiana State University; she completed her bachelor in 2009. Then go for J.D. from Wake Forest University School of Law in 2012. Andi goes for the post of Assistant District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia. In 2012 she passed the bill for bars in which she keeps the ban on criminals behind bars.

Professional Life of Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman is one of the famous television personality and came on the show named The Bachelor for the 18th season which she got the audience attention easily. She is one of the talented people. In the show named The Bachelorette season 10 which started on 19th May 2014. She took the leave from job as an attorney district assistant to be on the show. Andi made a surprise entrance was on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor Viall was Murray’s runner-up during Dorfman’s Bachelorette season and was questioned sharply.

Achievements of Andi Dorfman

Andi has a bright future, and some of their achievements he has shared with the audience and those are

Her show the Bachelorette was the achievement for her according to Andi she enjoyed a lot in the show.

Andi’s book got the bestseller of the year one time this is one of the biggest achievement for her.

Latest work of Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman is famous for her work she is choosy about her work and enjoys the work she is doing. In the coming year, she has some of the bigger projects which will be quite famous and increase her net worth in the coming year.

Interesting Facts about Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman is one of the famous actress who is also famous politically and on the television.

Dorfman is working on her books, and she considered as one of the best writers of the country.

Andi Dorfman and Relationships

Andi Dorfman was in the relationship with Josh Murray, and they look great together. In 2014 they came in the same show named Bachelorette. But they didn’t live together for a long time and broke in the year 2015 because they were always fighting with each other and she called this relationship an emotional abuse.

Andi Dorfman Net Worth

Andi Dorfman net worth is around $3 million which is quite good, but she is doing more effort to increase this digit. She is an author and a television personality which is giving her a good amount to live a healthy earning.

Andi Dorfman Houses

Dorfman houses are one of the contemporary style houses which filled with modern furniture. She has decorated it so well, and this is one of the bigger but one of the beautiful house of a person. This house is impacting the artistic mind of Andi.

Andi Dorfman Car Collections

Dorfman uses to travel on the best cars which are using luxury gadgets in them. She purchases several new modeled cars. The model and name of the car are unknown.

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