Antonio Brown Family Tree, Father, Mother, Siblings, Relationships & Children

A family is the most important part of a person’s life. It is the family that supports you or encourages you to struggle for a better life. Same goes for the life of celebrities and especially for the life of sports celebrities. Many of the stars in the sports world today are there because of their own sheer struggle and determination. Although they were supported by their families at certain moments they had their fair share of struggles too. American Football is one of the most popular sports in the USA and every high school kid dreams to become one. Parents also promote their children to focus on football. Antonio Brown Family Tree. One such family that belongs to football and its next generation also made his place in the Football history is the Pittsburgh wide receiver, Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown Family Tree:-

Antonio Brown had a very rough childhood and teen years. His father died when he and his brother were very young. His mother, later on, married another man and this led to start with difficulties for Antonio. He had conflicts with his stepfather and left home. He was homeless for a better part of his teenage life. Antonio slept on one friend’s couch to next but finally, he had the right guidance from his high school football team coach and strived for his life. Despite being rejected many times by all 32 NFL teams many times he kept with his passion and this finally paid off. Family details of Antonio Brown that can be recovered are as follows. Like the majority of players, there is no information about their family tree.

Antonio Brown Father Name:-

Antonio was the son of the Star AFL (Arena Football League) player Eddie Brown. His father fame can be comprehended by the fact that he was considered not one of the best instead “the Best” AFL player of all times. His father also played a wide receiver for an AFL team Albany Firebirds. He also played collegiate level football for Louisiana Tech. His father fame and athletic achievements were the reason that Antonio started playing football in high school even if he was skinny. He plays as a wide receiver to tribute his father.

Antonio Brown Mother Name:-

The name of Antonio’s mother is Adrianne Moss. She was a simple housewife and a loving mother to two of his sons. They were a happy family until the death of her husband. Due to financial troubles, she had to marry another man but this only led to difficulties and finally his son leaving the house. Despite him leaving, Antonio’s mother still supported her son efforts in football. It is evident from the fact that when he waiting for the time to be picked up in NFL draft his mother was with him in the hotel waiting and encouraging right beside him.

Antonio Brown Siblings:-

Antonio’s family was a little one with only one other sibling an older brother named Desmond Brown. Antonio is on good terms with his brother and they occasionally meet up. His brother is currently working as a realtor.

Antonio Brown Relationship:-

Antonio had rumors traveling around him to have dated multiple female celebrities but none of them are confirmed. He had one long-term relationship with his now ex-girlfriend and mother of his five children. The name of this girlfriend is Shameika Brailsford. Although the force and pressuring his team’s quarterback Ben but he refused and ignored all of his propositions for getting married. Currently, he is dating an Instagram model Jena rules.

Antonio Brown Children:-

As a result of living together for a lot of time, Antonio and Shameika had five beautiful children of their own. Despite them breaking up and having conflicts they still love their children dearly and have a shared custody. Antonio is a father of four boys and 1 daughter. Their names are as follows.

The names of boys are as follows.

  • Antonio Brown Jr.
  • Autonomy Brown
  • Ali Brown
  • Apollo Brown

Daughter name is Antanyiah Brown

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