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Bret Michael is one of the professional American singer, songwriter, and musician. He got the fame as the lead singer in the album glam metal band poison and 40 millions of his albums were sold out worldwide and got famous. Only 15 million of his records sold out in the US. This band also made 10 singles and #1 of them is Every Rose has its Thorn. On the other hand, he is the singer of some of the solo songs. Which include soundtrack album of several movies such as A Letter from Death Row, Song of Life in the year 2003.

Bret Michael Biography 
Real Name: Bret Michaels
Nick Name: Bret
5 ft 9 inches
66 Kg
Birth Date: 15-03-1963
Age: 57 Years
Birth Place:
Butler, Pennsylvania, USA
Zodiac Sign:

Who is Bret Michael?

Bret Michael is the famous American singer, songwriter, and musician. He worked as the lead singer and worked for the glam metal band Poison. This album was sold for 40 million records in the worldwide. 15 million records were sold out in the US. Besides this career, he is working on the solo albums also. One of the band albums got #1 position which is named as Every Rose has its Thorn. Bret is working on several solo albums. On the other hand, his song got the #40 position on Billboard hot. He is working on the movie soundtrack album of the movie named A Letter from Death Row, Songs of Life.

The Early life of Bret Michael

Bret Michael was born on 15th March 1963 in Butler Pennsylvania US. His father name is Marjorie Sychak. He is the brother of two sisters named Michelle and Nicole. After taking part in the television western series named Maverick which was famous as James Garner after that he makes his middle name as Maverick. Bret Michael was diagnosed with diabetes 1 when he was just 6 years old. This is one of the sad news for his audience and specifically for the fans. In 1984 he got the fame with his unique and beautiful voice. From that time he is struggling hard for a bigger name.

Professional Life of Bret Michael

Bret Michael started his career from the teenager at that time he was playing guitar and got the fame in his friends as the guitarist made his group named as the creative force. The main person of the band broke the band after the small time. The band newly hired Matt Smith and made the new brand in Paris in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He became the sunset boulevard scene and moved to Los Angeles in the year 1984. Bret has made a lot of music tracks named as A Letter from Death Row, Songs of Life in the year 2003. Also, he came as the star of the reality show named as Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.

Achievements of Bret Michael

Bret Michael has a bright career and she has shared a lot of success with his audience and some of them are as follows:

He is working a lot for the charity work so that he can help a lot of people along with family and he considers it one of the biggest achievement.

His song most of the time stay on the top 40 on the billboard 100. On the other hand, his album got the fame all around the world and 40 million albums around the world.

Latest work of Bret Michael

Bret Michael makes a new song named as Girls on the Bars in the month of April 2017. This is the tribute to her daughter in the honor of the 12th birthday. This was also posted on the channel of YouTube also. In the coming year, he is also in the preparation of some of the new songs which are under production and will be aired soon. These records will be world famous as his previous songs.

Interesting Facts about Bret Michael

Bret Michael started his career as the guitarist and he loves to do this at an early age.

He is one of the famous songwriter and singer whose songs are always famous on the billboard 100.

Michael has a kind heart and doing a lot of work for poor people and doing a lot of charity.

Bret Michael and Relationships

Bret Michael proposed to Kristy Lynn Gibson and having 2 daughters together. But soon after they got the separation. On the other hand, after the small time, he got involved with Pamela Anderson and also have the sex tape together. It was released in the DVD by the Metro studios in the year 7th September 2005. After the small time, he felt numbness and diagnosed as the hole in the heart. This was the roller coaster year of his life but he recovered a lot.

Bret Michael Net Worth

Bret Michael net worth $18 million which is quite enough. This figure will increase in the coming year because he is working a lot to increase the digit. Bret Michael is earning for the better future of his family, on the other hand, he is working to do a lot of charity work for the poor and needy people. He will appear in the coming year also.

Bret Michael Houses

Bret Michael has one of the luxury houses in the middle of the city. His house is located on lake property which is 2.6 acres. Cost of the house is around $3.49 million. His house also has a giant gym having 6 rooms in the house along with swimming pool and big garden. This is one of the beautiful houses to live in.

Bret Michael Car Collections

Bret Michael is using some of the luxury cars to travel around the city. These are some of the latest modeled cars because he is the car lover. Name and prices of these cars are not available till now but we will update them as we got them.


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