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Chelsea Victoria Clinton was born on February 27, 1980. She is the only child of former US President Bill Clinton and former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Chelsea Clinton was a special correspondent for NBC News from 2011 to 2014 and now works with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Since 2011, she has taken on a prominent role at the foundation and had a seat on its board. She was born in Arkansas, US.

Chelsea Clinton Biography 
Real Name: Chelsea Victoria Clinton
Nick Name:
Nationality: American
5'9" (1.75m)
Birth Date: 27-02-1980
40 Years
Birth Place: Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S
Zodiac Sign:

Chelsea Clinton Early life

Clinton was born in 1980. When she was two years, she accompanied her parents as they campaigned throughout Arkansas for her father’s gubernatorial race. She started learning to read and write at a very young age. She started reading the newspaper at the age of 3, and she wrote a letter to President Ronald Reagan when she was only five years old. In the letter, she was photocopied and preserved by her father; she asked President Reagon not to visit a military cemetery in West Germany, where Nazi soldiers buried.

Clinton went to Forest Park Elementary School and Horace Mann Junior High School; both were Little Rock public schools. Important to know about Clinton is that in her childhood, she skipped grade 3.

Chelsea Clinton Education and Academic life

She admitted to Stanford University in the fall of 1997 and majored in history. The week before she reached on campus, her mother published an open letter in her syndicated column asking journalists to leave her daughter alone. She arrived at Stanford in a motorcade with her parents, secret service agents, and almost 250 journalists. For her security, bullet-proof glass installed in her dorm windows and surveillance cameras placed in the hallways. Secret service agents in plain clothes lived in her dorm. With the exception of an occasional tabloid story written about her, Chelsea’s four years at Stanford remained out of public view.

Clinton got a B.A. degree in history, with highest honors, at Stanford in 2001. Her thesis was about the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, advised by Jack Rakove.


In July 2001, President Clinton showed that her daughter is pursuing a master’s degree at University College of the University of Oxford. It was the same college where her father studied politics between 1968 and 1970. Her record at Stanford showed that she was a very sharp student.

Arriving at Oxford just after the Sep 11 attacks, Clinton shifted to other American students who were feeling the emotional after-effects of the trauma.

In 2003, Clinton completed her M.Phill degree in International Relations at Oxford. The title of her thesis was “the global fund to fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria,” and she supervised by Jennifer Welsh and Ngaire Woods. After her graduation, she returned back to the United States.

In the year 2011, Clinton was transferred back to University College, Oxford from the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University to complete her DPhil degree in International Relations. She completed her dissertation which was on “the global fund, an experiment in global governance.”

White House Years

On Jan 20, 1993, on the day of the inauguration of her father, she moved into the White House with her parents and provided the Secret Service codename “energy.” The Clintons wanted their daughter a normal child and tried to shield her from the media approach.

While living in the White House, parents of Clinton took care of less participation of their child in public events including state visits. At the start, her parents sent her to Sidwell Friends School, a private school in Washington DC.

Clinton raised in her mother’s Methodist faith. She attended Foundry United Methodist Church on 16th street, NW in Washington and met with other teens on Sunday Mornings to examine questions of faith, philosophy, and issues of her age group. Her parents joined her at the youth group’s parent-teen roundtables. She called a “terrific kid” by an adult group leader.

Apart from the church, her social activities included visits to a Planet Hollywood restaurant with friends and sleepovers in and out of the White House. Her father sometimes joined her and her sleep-over friends for breakfast.

At the age of 4, she attended dance classes in Arkansas, and she continued her dancing training at the Washington School of Ballet for many years.

In her childhood, she was also a good player in soccer and softball, but she quit both of these games to pay attention to ballet dance.

During the last year of her father’s presidency, she assumed some White House hostess responsibilities when her mother was campaigning for the US Senate.

Chelsea Clinton Professional life

In 2003, Chelsea Clinton joined the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in New York City, and she went to work for Avenue Capital Group in late 2006.

She served as a co-chair for a fundraising week for the Clinton Foundation. And became Vice-Chair of the foundation.

In Nov 2011, NBC announced that they had hired Clinton as a special correspondent. It reported that she earned an annual salary of $600,000 for her week at NBC.

In Sep 2015, Chelsea wrote her first book “it’s your world: get informed, get inspired and get going” which published by Philomel Books.

In May 2017, she published another book; the title was “she persisted.”

The net worth of Chelsea Clinton now stands at $15,000,000.

Chelsea Clinton Personal life

On July 31, 2010, Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky. The ceremony took place in Rhinebeck, New York. It was an interfaith ceremony. Daughter of Chelsea was born in Sep 2014, whose name is Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. Her son, Aldan Clinton was born in June 2016. Shortly after the birth of her son, the couple moved to Flatiron District. Clinton belongs to Methodist while her husband is Jewish, but both are passing a peaceful life. They well understand each other, and there is no twist in their life yet.

As a young child, Clinton grew up in her father’s Southern Baptist faith. Later she also attended her mother’s United Methodist church.

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