Cristiano Ronaldo Family Tree, Father, Mother, Siblings, Relationships, Children & More

A family is the most important part of any human being and it shows the effect on a person life. Same goes for any celebrity. Cristiano Ronaldo Family Tree. Fans always want to know more and more intricate details of their idols. They want to know in great details about all of their family history too. They want to know who was their father mother and siblings. Who have they dated or married in the past years?

Cristiano Ronaldo Introduction:-

Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro is one of the most talented footballers in the world and the fans want to know more and more about his family background. He is one of the four siblings and is the youngest among them. Other details related to Cristiano Ronaldo family tree are as follows.

Cristiano Ronaldo Father:-

The star football player was born in Funchal Portugal. He led a life of poverty with his family in his childhood. His father name is Jose Dinis Aveiro. Cristiano gardener buys profession and was not able to fully provide for his family. He named his younger son Ronaldo due to his liking of US actor/ President Ronald Regan. He used to be a heavy alcohol drinker. Ronaldo tried to admit him to rehab many times but his father always refused to do so. Ultimately this led to his death in 2005 due to Liver disease. Cristiano Ronaldo Family Tree.  Ronaldo was only 20 years of age when his father died. This incident led to being a reason for Ronaldo not drinking alcohol.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mother:-

The name of the player’s mother is Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro. Due to the low wage of his husband and the needs of her children Maria used to work for others to earn more. She used to do cleaning jobs along with cooking for various homeowners. This was the very income that raised the footballer and his other siblings. His mother was loving and caring to all of her children but paid special; attention to Ronaldo for him being the youngest. Cristiano Ronaldo Family Tree.  That is why he loves her mother even today and claims that it was his mother who urged him to follow his dreams. These and many other reasons compel Ronaldo to say that still, the best time today he spends is with his mother and his son.

Cristiano Ronaldo Siblings:-

Ronaldo is youngest amongst the four siblings. The details about his siblings are as follows.

Cristiano Ronaldo Brother:-

The firstborn of his family is his older named Hugo Averio. Ronaldo respected and loved his brother very much. These were the reasons that compelled the player to stand by his brother’s side and help him in getting rid of Drug Addiction. He is currently working as a Construction Businessman. Cristiano Ronaldo Family Tree. Apart from that, he is also holding the position of director at Museu CR7. This museum is a tribute from Portugal for the player that brought so much fame to his nation. The idea of the museum was also from Hugo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sisters:-

After his brother, Ronaldo has two older sisters whose names are as follows.

  • Liliana Catio Averio
  • Elma Aveiro

Both of his sisters are now running a successful local clothing line in Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo Relationship:-

Ronaldo has been in a relationship with a woman called Georgina Rodriguez. Cristiano Ronaldo Family Tree. Georgina and Cristiano are now planning to welcome their new child. Georgina Rodriguez is pregnant with Cristiano’s child.

Cristiano Ronaldo Children:-

Currently, Ronaldo is a father of three children. The details for his children are as follows.

  • 1st born; his first son was born in 2010 and Ronaldo officially announced of him being the father of social media. The mother’s identity is not disclosed and Ronaldo has complete custody of the child. Cristiano Ronaldo Family Tree. The name of his son is Cristiano Jr. His family also named him Cristianinho. His son lives with him and his grandmother in Spain.
  • Twins; by the help of a surrogate mother Ronaldo’s now a father to twins. One is a girl named Eva and other is a boy named Mateo. They were born on Jun e 2017.

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