Drew Brees Facts; 35 Unbelievable Facts About Drew Brees, That You Might Not Know

Drew Brees is one of the popular names in the American Football today. He is the quarterback for the NFL team New Orleans Saints. With his fierce and tactical gameplay, Drew has gained quite a number of fans all over America and they are always eager to know more about his life. For the need of fans, we have gathered a list of some amazing facts that are circling the past, present and future life of the star. Here are the amazing Drew Brees facts to feast your eyes upon.

Drew Brees Facts; 35 Unbelievable Facts about Drew Brees

Drew Brees High school’s First Award:-

Brees after starting football in High school won the letter of his school Letter of Shortstop for Westlake High School.

Drew Brees Grandfather as a Role Model:-

Brees considers his grandfather to be his role model for pursuing football as a career. According to Drew his grandfather was a better coach and a best man character wise. Drew Brees Facts. He led third most victories to his high school team in the history of Texas.

Drew Brees High School Quarterback:-

Drew Brees was the quarterback for his Westlake High School team for two seasons. During his time as their quarterback, he led 28 victories, 0 losses and 1 tie for his school.

Drew Brees Start of the Career:-

Drew Brees was only 22 years of age when he joined the NFL world. From that day he has played in almost 14 seasons and in those 14 seasons he has made about 4973 complete passes out of 7458 passes.

Drew Brees First NFL Team:-

He was picked up by San Diego Chargers NFL team back in 2001 and played for them about 5 years up to 2005. After that, he was recruited by New Orleans Saints and is still playing as their quarterback.

Drew Brees Fan of Roger Staubach:-

Roger Staubach is one of Hall of Famers for the American Football. Drew Brees Facts. In his high school days, Drew Met Roger and tried to call and contact him often during his Purdue University career days to get advice from him on his play.

Drew Brees Part of the Future NBA Star’s Team:-

During high school Basketball, he was on the team as the guard. Drew Brees Facts. The team went on to give NBA superstar Chris Mihm.

Drew Brees First Award from Purdue:-

While he was in Purdue University’s team he was awarded as the Nation’s Top Quarterback in his junior and senior years under the Davey O’Brien Award.

Drew Brees Cover of Sega:-

In 1999 Drew was on the poster of Sega’s NCCA College Football 2K2 video game.

Drew Brees One of The Only To Graduate with Award:-

Drew was the only player in his graduation year from Purdue to have obtained the award of being the Big Ten player. The award was due to his 500 yards passing game.

Drew Brees First Oakland Raiders Defeat:-

In 2004 during a Halloween game, Drew led his team to victory against the Oakland Raiders with a score of 41-14. He made five touchdowns in that one game alone.

Drew Brees Highest Quarterback Rating:-

In 2004 Drew was only second to legends like Peyton Manning and Daunte to have the highest quarterback ratings. His quarterback rating was 104.8.

Drew Brees Comeback Player Award:-

He was awarded by the title of the Comeback Player of the Year by NFL in 2004.

Drew Brees Match against Cincinnati Bengals:-

In a match against Cincinnati Bengals in 2006, Drew was able to throw over 510 yards.

Drew Brees Longest Pass:-

Drew Brees in 2006 made an 88 yards pass to Reggie Bush for a touchdown. This was the longest pass in NFC championship game history.

Drew Brees Broke His Own Team’s Record:-

In 2007 game he broke the New Orleans teams own record of 17 straight passes in only two games.

Drew Brees Compares Game To a Trip:-

Brees made the NFC starter for the 2007 Pro Bowl. Drew Brees Facts. Upon hearing this news he considered his entire Offensive line as a trip of his to Hawaii.

 Drew Brees Offensive Player of Year:-

In 2008 Drew was also awarded the title of the AP Offensive Player of the year.

Drew Brees the Highest Possible QB Rating:-

In 2008 game against New England Patriots, Drew made the highest possible quarterback rating of 158.3.

Drew Brees Broke the NFL Record:-

In 2009 Drew Brees broke the record of Ken Anderson set in 1982 for the most completion percentage. Drew Brees Facts. The completion percentage for Drew Brees 70.62, which is the highest yet in NFL history.

Drew Brees Other Honors:-

Brees given the honor of being the runner-up for the Peyton Manning MVP and Offensive player of the year in 2009.

Drew Brees 140 Plus QB Rating:-

In 2011’s season Drew made a QB RATING OF 140 PLUSA IN THREE GAMES ALONE.

Drew Brees another History Making Record:-

Brees in 2011 season made 468 completions that are the most in NFL history.

Drew Brees One of the Same University and Team Player:-

The Jim Everett are both of the same university and NFL team player to have made 25 plus touchdowns by throwing alone.

Drew Brees Weak Eyesight:-

Not many of the Drew Brees fans know and not even some of his teammates that Drew has weak eyesight. Drew Brees Facts.  He needs to wear lenses during his time on the field.

Drew Brees Allergies:-

Being a Pro footballer Drew needs all the wheat and dairy products to increase his power but ironically he is allergic to both of them.

Drew Brees Socrates Award:-

In 2000, a Socrates Award was formed for a person having the title for being one of the nation’s top athletes in terms of both academic career and in community services. Drew was the first ever recipient of this award.

Drew Brees His Brother a Baseballer:-

Some of Drew’s fans might not know that his brother Reid Brees in 2005 College World Series playing as an Outfielder for the Baylon Bears.

Drew Brees Charity Foundation:-

Drew built a foundation with a name of Drew’s Dream Foundation. The purpose of this foundation is to build new and rebuild destroyed sports center in New Orleans Area. Drew Brees Facts.  The foundation was build after the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.

Drew Brees as a Member of PSA with President:-

In 2009’s PSA (Public Service Announcement), Drew had honors to be on stage with the following celebrities.

  • President Barrack Obama
  • Troy Polamalu
  • DeMarcus Ware

Drew Brees His mother Committed Suicide:-

In 2006 Drew and his mother had an open public argument resulted in things between them to be rough. Drew Brees Facts. After a while, things started to patch up but in 2009 her mother committed suicide with a drug overdose.

Drew Brees as Presidents Council:-

Drew Brees and Dominique Dawes were both appointed by President Barrack Obama to be Co-Chairs. The Council of the President on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition.

Drew Brees Beat the World Champion in Tennis:-

Breese also used to play tennis in his youth and was even able to beat the former Tennis World Champion and Grand Slam Singles Winner, Andy Roddick.

Drew Brees Literary Side:-

In 2010 Drew Breese wrote and published a book under name of Coming Back Strong.

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