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Eder Biography

Eder’s story is a perfect example of it isn’t over until you call it over yourself. The underdog of Portugal football team did something big which bigwigs like Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo could only dream off.  Eder turned out to be the hero of Euro 2016 by making Portugal, the new champions of Europe. Those who aren’t aware need to know that Eder came out as a substitute in the Euro 2016 Final and scored the only goal of the match in the extra minute, just shy of the penalties.

Eder Biography 
Real Name: Éderzito António Macedo Lopes
Birth Date: 22-12-1987
Age: 32 Years
Zodiac Sign:
Favorite Animal Pet: Dog

Portugal’s coach praised Eder for his heroics with saying ‘ugly duckling turning beautiful swan.’ Many times Eder’s place in the Portugal squad even questioned as he had not been a regular hitter of the ball into the nets. Finally, the Euro 2016 Final proved the real potential of Eder. The Portuguese star currently plays for the FC Lokomotiv Moscow on a one-year long loan with an option to buy for the undisclosed amount. It will be relevant to mention here that it’s the only year so far of Eder’s 4-year contract with French club Lille.

Eder Early Life

The incredible story of Eder has witnessed its fate as this kid rising in an orphanage as his parents couldn’t afford his expenses went on becoming the hero for Portugal at Euro 2016. Things weren’t easy for Eder even at care home as playing football most of the time landed him in trouble quite often. But this all could least affect his passion and love for the game and football and finally, the time came for an aspiring footballer as he was allowed to attend the local football academy.

Eder opened up his eyes in the former Portuguese colony of Guinea-Bissau but later shifted along with his mother to Portugal at the age of 2. His father had already been living in Portugal at the time he shifted from Guinea-Bissau. Recalling his childhood, Eder recalls that there is nothing he remembers about Guinea-Bissau as he was just a toddler at the time of relocation.

The thing which would separate Eder from others in the case is he has never taken a look at the negative side of the photo, he’s always been an optimist, even though trollers keep on mocking him. He even looks back at his family’s decision of sending him to the care home as a good decision as he thinks that it made him grow up like a real man.

Eder Early Football Career

Things weren’t that easy for the aspiring footballer, young Eder but he went an extra mile to make things go around in his favor. Hailing from impoverished family couldn’t disperse Eder’s dreams of making it big in the game of football, so was his time in the orphanage.  The young Eder got himself in trouble various times with playing football all the time in the orphanage, but soon the management realized the potential of this poor young kid. Keeping all this in view, he sent to the local Coimbra-based club named ADC Ademia academy. And this turned out to be the beginning of a new life for Eder where the target was simple, but the journey was tedious.

Next on the cards after ADC Academia was Eder’s senior debut for Portuguese fourth-tier club, Oliveira do Hospital. At the same time, it will be pertinent to mention here that the aggressive footballer got his first contract at Portuguese second division club Tourizense and was offered 400 euros as monthly salary.

Portugal National Team

He wasn’t the brightest of the names featured in Portugal’s football history, but it changed after the Euro 2016 Final as Eder popped into the record books with smashing one goal in the extra minutes against France. Before achieving this feat and officially making the Portugal new champions of Europe, Eder only had three goals to his name, and all of them were in the friendliness. Moreover, coach after Eder’s heroics in the final also told that pressure was a bit there to not get him into the squad for the mega-event, but now everyone is enjoying the historic triumph.

Eder has been playing for Portugal from last several years but has never become the reliable member of the side, and his performance along with injury barred him from doing so.  Throughout his career, he has played 33 games for Portugal and had only hit the nets four times in his career.

Eder Club Career

Oliv Hospital





LOSC Lille

Loko Moscow

Eder Transfer

The future is a bit undecided for Eder as he’ll be making a comeback to LOSC Lille from Loko Moscow in June 2018.  It should be kept noted here that Eder’s heroics at UEFA 2016 Final had been keeping him alive in the hut, but since then a magical performance has been missing from Eder’s end. One can expect something special from Eder’s side yet again, so he remains to sell out as the hot cake.

Eder Family

The family had never been a thing for Eder as he spent most of the time away from his family at the care home, football academies, and then in the professional football club. Even though Eder has missed those golden moments with his parents and family while growing up but this had least affected his affection as it is still the same over the years. The proof of his love for family can be taken from that the Portuguese star used to duly sent salary to his mother after getting his first contract at the Portuguese second division club Tourizense.

Eder has not been the star before Euro 2016 and the same way people weren’t much supposed to know about the family. But the charts turned upside down as the Portuguese star went on winning it for the nation against France at Euro 2016 Final. And people went knowing more and more about Eder’s family, personal life, and childhood. Finally, in a post-Euro 2016 Final interview, he shed light on his past and also made a shocking revelation about his father, who is in jail for years in England for murdering his wife – Eder’s stepmom. Moreover, he also told that his mother moved to England, and one of his sisters lives in Wolverhampton.


Eder has been busy playing football in various countries, but the thing which might come out a surprise for many of his fans is no details about his relationships are out there in the limelight. It won’t be wrong to say that Eder is miles away from such relations as there’s no buzz about him even during the interviews.

The thing which should be kept noted here is some of the fans have been interpreting Susanna Torres as his lady-love that is wrong as she is a high-performance coach, who worked to get him out of the depression. Torres, a professional psychiatrist, then helped Eder to overcome the depression. Finally, after winning the Euro 2016, the hero of the moment dedicated the goal of the final to his psychiatrist.


Eder wasn’t much in the scene before Euro 2016, even if it would have been about controversies as he keeps more of his attention on uplifting the game rather than getting into headlines through some cheap publicity stunt.

He was goalless for around 15 matches straightaway, and the pressure was all there for his inclusion for the Euro 2016 squad. But the management stick with him for the mega-event. And, Eder scored for Portugal in the Euro 2016 Final.

In one of his interviews, Eder told that his father is in prison in England for murdering his wife (Eder’s stepmother). This came out a surprise for Eder’s fans as they weren’t aware of all this happening in Portuguese star’s life.

Besides making it big at Euro 2016 Final, Eder dropped from the Portugal national team squad for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Eder Net Worth

The return from career-ending injury wasn’t an easy one for Eder, but that hammered his campaign for playing for big bucks at bigger clubs. The four-year contract from Braga during summer 2012 worked as icing on the cake for Eder’s rising career, but it later turned distasteful as he suffered a ligament tear in March next year. After Eder recovered and made his comeback, Braga didn’t risk anymore and sold Eder to Swansea City for £5 million for a three-year deal.

Playing only a season for Swansea, Eder next loaned to LOSC Lille for one-season.  Next on the cards were a four-year contract from Lille. But he could only represent for one season at the French league as he was loaned to Loko Moscow for a year along with the buyout option for the Russian team.

Eder Estimated Net Worth: $10 million

Cars Collection

Unlike other footballers out there, Eder isn’t the showy one as he loves hanging around like the ordinary people. The perfect rag to riches story of Eder has always been making him humble as he takes nothing for granted. Even though he has some super cool cars in his collection. But, he never flaunted them. It will be pertinent to mention here that Euro 2016 hero, Eder


Eder’s club footballer career hasn’t remained stable throughout as he had to remain on the move in various clubs including Braga, Swansea, LOSC Lille, and Loko Moscow.  Currently in Russia to represent Loko Moscow, Eder has one house situated in his native country, Portugal. The thing which should be noted here is Eder grew up in an orphanage. As his family couldn’t bear his expenses. But as of now, things have changed pretty well. And the reason behind is none other than Portuguese star’s determination and love of football.

Interesting Facts

He was born in Guinea-Bissau; he later moved to Portugal along with his mother at the age of 2 as his father was already here.

The Portuguese footballer didn’t grow up with his family. As he was sent to an orphanage after his parents failed to bear his expenses.

He often punished for playing football in the sweet home. Later on, his talent was recognized as he sent to the local football academy, named ADC Ademia academy.

Days before the Euro 2016 Final, Eder came up with a skeptical post on Facebook, saying “Go ahead, underestimate me”. He then helped Portugal to become the champions of Europe.

Eder’s father is in prison for murdering his wife (Eder’s stepmom). The Portuguese star often visits

Eder got his first salary of 400 Euros after getting into the contract with the Portuguese second division club, Tourizense. He used to send this salary duly to his mother.

Before the goal in Euro 2016 Final against France, Eder only had three goals to his name. And all of them came in the friendlies.

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