Elizabeth Trump Grau Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & More

Elizabeth Trump Grau Introduction:-

Elizabeth Trump Grau is the elder sister of Donald Trump, the president of the United States and the most powerful authority. She always stays away from politics, but she stands by her brother Donald and motivates him in every step of his life. She is from the banking sector.

Elizabeth Trump Grau Biography:-

Elizabeth Trump Grau was born in Queens, New York, the USA in 1942. She is the elder sister of Donald Trump, and she stays away from political affairs. Elizabeth is a banker and completely from the banking background. She is living a healthy life. She was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Trump, from Jamaican estate. There is a brother of Elizabeth named Donald Trump. She graduated from Kew Forest Scholl and she completing her higher education at the Southern Seminary College. This is now known as Southern Virginia University.

Elizabeth Trump Grau Biography 
Real Name: Elizabeth Trump Grau
Nick Name:
Profession: Banker
Height: 5 Feet 2 inch ( 1.57 m)
70 Kg ( 154 lbs)
Birth Date:
77 Years
Birth Place: New York City
Zodiac Sign:

Elizabeth Trump Grau Career:-

After completing her higher education, Elizabeth Trump Grau connected to the banking sector. She is now a retired Administrative Assistant at Chase Manhattan Bank, New York. She is earning a great amount of net worth annually which is increasing rapidly.

Personal Life of Elizabeth Trump Grau:-

The two brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were operating the family business as trustees when it was his father’s government.

Elizabeth Trump’s real name is Elisabeth Christ in Kallstadt, born in the Kingdom of Bavaria, and the daughter of Philipp Christ.  His family is a little wine producer, their profits from that were not enough to meet their needs. Elizabeth Grau is now 74 years and is even more private than her sister Maryanne. She is also known as a retired executive. The Chase Manhattan Bank in New York and got graduated from the Kew-Forest School. Southern Seminary College in Buena Vista, Virginia. She now married to film producer James Grau and is living a happy life.

The Marriage of Elizabeth:-

Katharina’s son Friedrich emigrated to America in the year 1885 at the age of 16 and created his wealth with restaurants in the Klondike Gold Rush. When he back to Germany in the year 1901, he convinced Elizabeth Trump Grau over the protests of his mom. Who felt that her beloved son should marry the girl who is from a wealthier. And a more well-developed family than Elisabeth’s. Finally, he sent a proposal to Elizabeth. Who accepting him and they get married on 26 August 1902.

He was 33 years old, and she was 22-years-old at that time. Frederick and Elisabeth shifted to New York, and they built up their house in an apartment in the main German quarter of the Morrisania in the Bronx. And Elizabeth kept a house as a housewife, and Frederick did a job as a restaurant and hotel manager. They blessed with a daughter whom they named Elizabeth who was born on April 20, 1904.

Fredrick and Elizabeth:-

After some time, their family returned back to Kallstadt in the year 1904, after selling out their property in America. Frederick left Germany because of the Bavarian authorities who expect that he had left Germany to avoid the difficulties. So they returned to the United States. Fredrick and Elizabeth divorced each other in 1918. She married James Grau. James Walter Grau was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grau.

And basically, their background is from Dayton. James was known as a film producer. And the president of Charisma Productions as well. He created the sports movies and documentaries and their needs. It was a grand wedding ceremony for James and Elizabeth, and the new president of America Donald Trump was the chief guest at the marriage ceremony. It was also the second marriage of James and Elizabeth as well. James graduated from North Western University. The Donald 45th President of the United States of America.

Elizabeth Trump & Son:-

Elizabeth Trump Grau possessed an “extraordinary talent” for keeping the real estate business well-going. She hired a contractor to build her houses on a blank piece of property left by her husband. Then she sold out those houses and living off mortgages that paid by the new owners. She dreamed that her three children should continue the family business when they completed their education. But Fred wanted to start as a beginner, so she founded the new company, named Elizabeth Trump & Son.

As Fred a minor businessman, so she signs all legal documents on his behalf of her mom, and accomplish the real estate closings. In the year, 1927 when Fred was 22 years old, Elizabeth Trump & Son was officially built-in and went live. Fred became quite victorious and awake with the business, but Elizabeth remaining anxious throughout her life. Even at the age of 70, she will collect coins from the Laundromats in Trump buildings as well.

Elizabeth Trump Grau’s Net Worth:-

Grau and her son are working hard to stand for each other in their difficulties. Elizabeth Trump Grau Bio. The net worth of Elizabeth is increasing speedily day by day. Fred and her combined net worth are estimating at USD 300 million.


Elizabeth Trump Grau who is the elder sister of Donald Trump is from a banking background and living a happy life with her son Fred. She is the queen of the Trump family. They are earning a great amount of net worth.

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