Jameis Winston Net Worth, Salary Earnings, Brand Endorsement Fees, House & Car Collection

Jameis Winston Introduction:-

Today the hottest debate topics on social media and overall on the entire internet are about the celebrities. These celebrities also vary in their popularity depending upon their relative field of work. With the recent advancement in the field of media and communications, the fields of entertainment and particularly that of sports have seen an increase in popularity polls. Billions of people across are avid lovers of sports of different types and have multiple players as their idols.

In America, baseball, basketball, and American Football are the three names that the most popular sports and their players have always hailed as local celebrities by their fans. The popularity polls of these players and especially that of American Football players have seen a recent increase all because of the more clear media and communication advancements. The Younger generation is hailing these players as their idols and they follow every aspect of their life ranging from their achievements to their lifestyle and net worth.

Jameis Winston Net Worth 
NFL Player
Birth Date: 06-01-1994
Age: 25 Years
$20 Million
American USA
Birth Place:
Bessemer, Alabama, United States
6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
231 lb (105 kg)

Jameis Winston Net Worth:-

Jameis Winston’s net worth is at an estimated figure of about $20 million.

He is the name that has been popular long before his joining of the NFL team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was the proud Florida State Seminole Redshirt player who is also their youngest and only player to have won the Heisman Trophy. Jameis enlisted himself in the 2015 NFL draft, forgoing his last two years at Florida State.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:-

He already well known by NFL teams and they was just waiting to nab him for themselves. Jameis picking up by Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the 1st overall pick-up of the draft. He offered the quarterback position for the team. His rookie contract was about $23.35 million for four years. This contract and its signing bonus were the first real income sources that allowed Jameis Winston to amass his net worth of about $20 million.

Other than salary earnings from a team, Jameis Winston has his hands and feet spread to various other sources that are increasing his net worth steadily. All of the sources from which Jameis Winston net worth estimates are as follows.

  • Signing bonus from the team
  • Salary earnings from team
  • Brand endorsement fees
  • Private business investments
  • House
  • Car collection

We are explaining all of the above-stated sources in detail for a better understanding of readers.

Jameis Winston Signing Bonus:-

Jameis Winston aka Jaboo is the quarterback for the NFL term Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He picking up by the team as the 1st overall pick up of the first round in the 2015 NFL draft. His ro0okie contract from Tampa Bay was for a period of four years with a total worth of about $23.35 million. This deal also came with a signing bonus of about $14.5 million. This signing bonus was the first real income that allowed Jameis Winston to acquire many of his recent assets along with making some smart investments to grow his net worth.

Jameis Winston is also well known for his baseball talents and Tampa Bay ensured for themselves that Jameis only play football for the next four years and do not play any other professional sport. His contract also gives the team the right to have him for the year 2019 as the franchise-tagged player.

Jameis Winston Salary Earnings:-

His salary earnings were apportioned as per his contract deal of $23.35 million but as a plus point of being a star player for the team. Jameis also entertains to have the roster and other bonuses. These bonuses added up to his yearly income and eventually at the end of his contract will make a total of about $25.351 million. For readers, the salary earnings by Jameis Winston under his contract deal are as follows.

  • His rookie year of 2015, Jameis made a total of about $4.6 million including all bonuses
  • The second year of 2016, Jameis made a total of about $5.7 million including all bonuses
  • The latest 2017 seasonal year Jameis is bound to make a total of about $6.9 million including all bonuses
  • The last year of Jameis contract is 2018 and he is set to make his last $8 million from a team in salary earnings including all the bonuses.

Jameis Winston Brand Endorsement Fees:-

Jameis Winston is one of the famous players in American Football and especially in NFL. He was already famous enough from his days at the Florida State Seminoles Redshirts. He gained the status of a local celebrity and already considered to be well in the league of professionals. His fans are in millions and they love to follow everything that he does. Seeing his popularity poll in public and especially in the younger generation, many of the locals as well. As the international brands have been in contact with him for their brand endorsement campaigns. Two of his most brand clients are as follows.

  • Nike
  • Pepsi

They were already paying him a fair sum of money for endorsement. But after becoming the professional NFL team quarterback, his brand endorsement contract also got adjusted as per his status. It is estimated that currently, he is receiving a combined of about $2 million annually from these two brands in brand endorsement fees.

Other than that he has also been in contact with several of the local food and sporting good brands. And they are also making him about $0.1 to $0.2 million in endorsement fee.

Jameis Winston Private Investments:-

Jameis Winston is a young player who is practically now a millionaire celebrity. All of the money can make any man go mad about spending it on useless items. Jameis Winston Net Worth. However, Jameis despite his past behaviors in college has now matured enough to learn the value of money. Instead of spending it on luxurious items Willy-nilly he decided to invest it more properly to earn more. With the help of his dad, Jameis has invested in various local businesses and private investment groups a sum of about $10 million. These investments are estimating to make Jameis a total of about $1.5 to $2 million in annual profit income and steadily increasing his net worth.

Jameis Winston House:-

Jameis Winston did not have to go through the rough childhood as many of the African American Football players have to go through. His family well off and supported every need of their son. In fact, it was the excess of love that spoiled Jameis to some extent.

Jameis Winston recently bought himself a lavish luxury house in Odessa USA. The house is actually a Mediterranean Style mansion located in Odessa City of Texas State at a front of Keystone Lake. The house is bought by Jameis in June of 2017 and has a worth of about $1.195 million.

Jameis Winston Car Collection:-

Jameis Winston is the quarterback for the major NLF team and has to maintain his persona of not only himself but also his team. For that, he often has to make appearances on special parties and on community organizations. For appearances, there is nothing better than showing up in a luxurious car. Jameis Winston is just a 23 years old athletic celebrity, so he is bound to spend the fair share of his money on things like sports cars. Jameis Winston currently has a collection of 4 cars and. All of them being lavish and luxurious in their own sense. The names of the cars are as follows.

  • Ferrari 458 Spider (2015 model)
  • Range Rover (2015)
  • Audi R8 (2016 model)
  • Rolls Royce Phantom (2017 model)

The estimating worth of Jameis Winston’s car collection is made to be about $1 million.


Jameis Winston’s net worth in growth since his time at Florida State but compared to his earnings from NFL team they were only pocket change. Since his joining of NFL back in 2015, Jameis Winston’s net worth has seen a hike of about 170 percent in three years. It is estimating that after his contract ends with the team and a new deal on the way. His net worth will again see a hike of an estimated 200 percent.


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