Landon Collins Facts: 17 Unbelievable Facts Of Landon Collins That You Might Not Know

Who is Landon Collins?

Landon Collins is the professional football player for one of the major teams, New York Giants of the NFL. He was drafted by the team back in 2015’s NFL draft. He is the 33rd pick up in the second round of the draft. New York Giants needed a new football safety face for their team, and they chose Landon Collins for that very reason. They traded him up from Tennessee Titans who had already picked him but traded instead. ”Landon Collins Facts” contains some of the rarely known facts about Landon Collins.

Landon Collins is still a rookie player, but during the two years of his contract, Landon has performed some major football qualities on the field that earned him a lot of fame among New York Giants fans. These fans are eager to know more and more about their favorite celebrity. This includes all the interesting facts about his life, football career and anything that influence Landon Collins in any way. For these fans, we have gathered a list of best facts available on Landon Collins and placed them right here for the view. These facts are as follows.

Landon Collins Facts:-


Landon Collins was born in Algiers, New Orleans area. He spent most of his life there. The place was right near the Mississippi River from the French Quarter. However, tragedy struck the New Orleans area and particularly the Mississippi River and its surrounding area back in 2005. The Hurricane Katrina devastated the hometown of Landon Collins, and he and his family had to move with his from Algiers to Geismar, a place nearly 60 miles away from Algiers.

Landon Collins High School:-

In 20005 after Landon’s family relocated to Geismar, they settled for good in the Ascension Parish district, and Collins was enrolled in the local school named Dutchtown High School.

Landon Collins High School’s Dual Athlete:-

During his time at Dutchtown High School, Collins regarded as the best of the athletes in two sports. One was football while other was track & field.

Landon Collins Top Sprinter of his School:-

Landon Collins was not 0only great at football but was also a valuable part of his high school’s Track & Field team. He regarded as the best sprinter in his school. He broke the school’s 400-meter dash record in 41.10 seconds time.

Landon Collins Oreo Eating Habit:-

Collins had an eating disorder and typically for eating Oreo biscuits. Landon Collins became slightly larger for his athletic size in 2015 season because of him eating too much of Oreos. His coach told him that he needs to get in shape and he obliged to that order by cutting down his Oreo eating habit. After adjusting his nutrition, Landon Collins almost lost 12 pounds. In an interview, he told the press that he was eating about 2000 Calories worth of Oreos in 90 minutes.

Landon Collins offered Scholarship by Every Major School:-

Landon Collins considering the best prospect for a safety player in his high school days. He was offered scholarship from every major university, but Collins narrowed his choices down to Alabama University and Louisiana State University.

Landon Collins Choosing Alabama University:-

Landon Collins announced his choice to go with Alabama University’s football team, The Crimson Tide, on a live game of Under Armour All-America. His mother was promoting him to play for Louisiana State and was dismayed by Collins decision to go with Alabama University. Landon Collins Facts.  However, Collins told in the interview that although his mother is not approving his decision, he has made the decision already for two years.

Landon Collins Freshman College Year:-

Landon Collins selected by his college team to be a backup for Kickoff and Punt coverage or saw reserve as a safety player in his Freshman Year of college. He maintained these positions for 14 games.

Landon Collins Sophomore Year:-

In His Sophomore year, Landon gave the opportunity for becoming the starter of 2013 college games due to the season end injury of the previous starter named Vinnie Sunseri. He led his team with 70 tackles and two interceptions.

Landon Collins Junior Year:-

Viewing his game season of 2013, Landon made a starter for his junior college year season and led his team with 98 tackles and three interceptions. He gives the title of the unanimous All-American.

Landon Collins NFL Drafting Year:-

After performing splendidly in his Junior Year of college football, Landon applied in the 2015 NFL draft. Landon is picking up by NFL team New York Giants as the 33rd pickup of the 2nd round. Landon Collins Facts. They offered him a rookie contract of about $6.12 million for four years. Guaranteed salary earnings were about $4.02 million.

Landon Collins Starting Training Camp at New York Giants:-

Landon Collins started his training camp with New York Giants along with Copper Taylor and Nat Berthe. He trained for the free safety position. That very year New York Giants lost his three of the greatest players to a free agency during offseason. The names of these players that replaced by the newcomer’s area s follows.

  • Quintin Demps
  • Antrel Rolle
  • Stevie Brown

Landon Collins First Season:-

During his first preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Landon suffered from a sprained MCL condition. Landon Collins Facts. However, Landon made a fast recovery and only missed one game. His first real debut of the NFL season was in a match against Dallas Cowboys in which he led his team with four interceptions as the free safety player.

Landon Collins Back to his Original Position:-

Landon Collins played his rookie year as the free safety but allowed to switch to the Strong Safety Position, his better suite. He also got the name “De Facto Starting Strong Safety beginning the regular season.”

Landon Collins NFC Defensive Player:-

Collins in his 2016 was awarded multiple NFC defensive player titles. Landon Collins Facts. These titles are as follows.

  • He named consecutively NFC defensive player of the week for his first two season games.
  • He named as the NFC Defensive Player of the Month for November due to his 30 tackles, one sack, and three interceptions.
  • After being selecting for his first Pro Bowl Season of 2017 and playing under Coach Ben McAdoo, he named as the NFC Defensive player of the year title.

Landon Collins NFL History Record:-

Landon Collins while performing in his 2017 Pro Bowl Season became the only NFL player in history who has the following stats.

  • 100 solo tackles
  • Two sacks
  • Five interceptions
  • 12 passing deflections

This also earned him a title of First-Team All-Pro.

Landon Collins Charity Work:-

Collins made his appearance at the charity fundraiser Softball Game held by the New York Giants fan. Joe Ru back who is nicknamed as License Plate Guy. Landon Collins Facts. The match consisted of the following games.

  • Softball game
  • Dodgeball game
  • Home run derby

Proceedings of tickets transferred to Tom Coughlin Jay Fund organization that helps in supporting families with relatives having cancer problems since childhood.

Landon Collins No Controversy Player:-

Collins is considering to be the No Controversy player in American Football. Landon Collins Facts.  Since his joining back in 2017, there have been no reports of any kind of controversial behavior on and off the field.

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