Landon Collins Family Tree, Father, Mother, Siblings, Affairs & More

Landon Collins Bio:-

Landon Collins is one of the well known NFL football players of the era. The article ”Landon Collins Family” contains enough information about the family and personal life affairs of the player. The family is an important part of one’s life. It is the family that sometimes determines the outcome of your life as to whether you are going to live a successful life or that of a failure. Celebrities are also no different in this regard. Majority of the American Football celebrities came from either a supporting family background or none at all. However, they made the better use of both situations to make a better life for themselves.

Landon Collins Family:-

Landon Collins is the American, Football player. He is playing as the Strong safety player for the NFL team New York Giants since his pick up back in 2015 NFL’s draft. He was the 33rd pick up of the 2nd round, but Landon proved all the odds about him wrong and performed well in the rookie year that earned him not only a fan base but also respect of his team. Landon is relatively new in the NFL world, and not much is known about his life. However, keeping in view the demands of the fans of Landon Collins we have gathered what little information we could gather about his family and placed it all here.

Landon Collins Family Lineage:-

Landon Collins is of African American lineage and was born in America as well. He was born in the New Orleans, Louisiana. However aft ether hurricane Katrina disaster hit Louisiana, Collins family moved to Geismar, Ascension Parish area. Landon spent most of his childhood in Geismar.

Landon Collins Father:-

The name of Langdon Collins father is Thomas Collins. Thomas Collins was an average African American with a minimal job of 9 to 5. He barely could put food on the table but still raised his family with self-respect and dignity. He was fond of American Football and that passion of his transferred to his son as he is playing for an NFL team. Thomas Collins died before the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Landon Collins Mother:-

The name of Landon Collins mother is April Justine. She raised her family with great care. She worked alongside her husband to pay the bills. Her morality and work ethic and struggle were the keys that allowed Landon to pursue his goals. According to Landon, his mother was always pushing him to pursue football as a career. However, Landon disappointed her mother by going to Alabama University instead of Louisiana State University. Landon and her mother however cleared up their difference and are on good terms.

Landon Collins Siblings:-

Collins while growing up had two younger Step-siblings. One of them was a brother, and other was a sister. Their names are as follows.

Brother; the name of Landon’s brother is Gerald Willis. He is also following in the footsteps of his older brother and is already a major player among college football teams. He was playing recently for the University of Florida as their Defensive Tackle. Rumors are that he is transferring to the University of Miami.

His sister name is Gerrah Willis

Landon Collins Relationship:-

Landon Collins is in a relationship with a girl named Victoria Lowery since 2015. They met back in 2015 at the University of Alabama. She is a devout Christian and also a graduate of the University of Alabama. Landon and Victoria recently got engaged.

Landon Collins Children:-

There are no children of Landon Collins.

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