Leonardo DiCaprio Family tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings & More [2020]

Success is a product of several different elements including hard work, talent, intelligence, skill, practice, experience and probably the most dominant of all, genetics. According to science, all the living species on earth undergo through a process called evolution. It is a thorough process of selective mutation and selective progression which means, when you look at a handsome person, you are looking at all the physical traits about a human body that worked best for his ancestors and now he has inherited all of good stuff from his forefather to make his family great again. And it’s not just physical traits but the human behavior, psychology and the personality of that person is heavily influenced by her family too. So in order to uncover all the secrets about someone’s personality, we have to look at the family tree of that person. And we’re here to spill all the details about the Leonardo DiCaprio Family Tree.

Leonardo DiCaprio Family tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings & More

Leonardo DiCaprio Family tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings & More

Leonardo DiCaprio Family Tree

His full name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio and he is one of the most famous celebrities around the world. His name is inspired by the revolutionary renaissance artist known as Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was born on 11 November 1974 in Los Angeles, US. His father is an author, artist, editor, producer and distributor of the Americas most famous Underground Comix and his name is George DiCaprio. Leonardo’s mother worked as a legal secretary and her name was Irmelin Indenbirken. His parents separated when Leonardo was just one year old and he is the only child of his parents. However, he has a step brother Adam Farrar. Adam is the son of Peggy Farrar who the current partner of his dad. He has never dated anyone long enough to start a really serious relationship and he is a serial lover of super models.

Leonardo DiCaprio Ethnicity

The Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio has German, English and Italian ancestry. His father George DiCaprio has Italian DNA from Alife, Italy and German DNA from Bavaria, Germany. Leonardo’s grandfather, Wilhelm Indenbirken was German and he married a Russian-born German Citizen Yelena Smirnova.

Leonardo DiCaprio Parents

Leonardo DiCaprio Father’s Name:

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the great actors who manage to win over the hearts of their audience from all around the world through their charisma and charm. In the making of this great talent, Leonardo’s father has played a huge role of developing the creative spark in his son. Leonardo’s father is a writer, editor, former performance artist and a distributor of the America’s famous ‘Underground Comix’. His name is George DiCaprio and he has collaborated with many big artists like Laurie Anderson. The father and son used to hang out a lot and George made him watch some of the greatest movies of that time since he was nine, reinforcing the sense of creativity and art in his son. His father took him to see Midnight Run when he was 9 and introduced him to Traffic Driver at the age of 13.

He has never been shy about giving his son some film advice. As Leonardo revealed, “I had passed on a script about the French poet Arthur Rimbaud. He [George] explained to me that Rimbaud was the James Dean of his time– a radical who took on the institution of poetry and turned it upside down. I did the movie, and I loved playing him.” George DiCaprio was a close friend to Timothy Leary who was considered as ‘the most Dangerous Man in America’ by the President Nixon. The main reason for that exaggeration was that Leary was an active advocate of the Hallucinogenic drugs. Leonardo’s dad even worked on Leary’s comic book called Neurocomics published in 1979, because he was also a part of that hardcore hippie subculture. One of the reasons that Leonardo turned out to be so artistic and observant as he is, is because of his early exposure to this counter culture through his father.

According to Leonardo, “At a young age, I was exposed to, like, the most hardcore hippie subculture any young man would be subject to, with the Fabulous Freak Brothers, Zap and Weirdo comics.” George DiCaprio is half German and half Italian. He met Leonardo’s mother when she was still studying in college and the two fell in love. The relationship didn’t work out well and they separated when Leonardo was just a year old. Leonardo lived mostly with his mother but he was also very close to his father. He always encouraged Leonardo to work on his passion and see the world in its full colors. In fact, according to Leonardo, “The earliest memory I have is me at some hippie concert with my dad and the band hadn’t come on. There was an audience of hundreds of people chanting for the band, and my dad scooted me on stage–I don’t know how old I was, probably three or so–and I got up there and tap danced for hundreds of people.”

Leonardo DiCaprio Family tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings & More

Leonardo DiCaprio Mother’s Name:

The name of the beautiful woman who brought the Hollywood celebrity into this world is Irmelin Indenbirken. She is a German born legal secretary who worked day and night to raise Leonardo and provide him with a better future after her separation with his dad in 1975. She used to work several odd jobs to provide Leonardo with better opportunities. Irmelin visited a famous art gallery when she was pregnant with her only son. She was just staring in wonder at a painting drawn by the Renaissance artist known as Leonardo Da Vinci, when she felt her son kick for the first time in her womb. That moment gave her the inspiration to make her son an artist and name him Leonardo.

He acknowledged her struggles while receiving his award, saying, “I would not be standing up here if it wasn’t for this person. I didn’t grow up in a life of privilege, I grew up in a very rough neighbourhood in east Los Angeles. This woman drove me three hours a day to a different school to show me a different opportunity. It’s her birthday today. Mom, happy birthday. I love you very much.” Now that Leonardo has finally made it to the stars, he wants to repay his mother for every sacrifice she gave for him. Irmelin did everything she could to provide her son and a better opportunity and he took it. He has often talked about the rough childhood and the street where he grew up. He lived in a locality where there were elements like drugs, violence and prostitution were out in the open and nobody could do anything about it. Living in that environment made Leonardo abhorrent of such petty crimes that ruined people’s lives. His mother raised him well, and today when Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth is estimated to be £160 million, he wants to make the world a better place.

Leonardo DiCaprio Siblings

Leonardo DiCaprio Brother Adam Farrar:

Leonardo DiCaprio Family tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings & More

The iconic actor Leonardo DiCaprio grew up with a big brother who is not related to him by blood. His name is Adam Farrar and he is the son of Leonardo’s step mother Peggy Farrar. She is the woman whom his father married after getting separated from Irmelin, Leonrado’s biological mother. After the separation of his parents, Leonardo divided his time between the two households. Adam was actually the one who broke into the show business first as he was asked to part in a few commercials that led a small role in a TV Series. But one thing led to another and Adam found himself all caught up in the drug addiction that became an end for his career and his relationship with his step-brother. In an interview Adam explained the distances saying, “I was arrested five or six times for petty theft, shoplifting from supermarkets, trying to support an opiate addiction of half a gram to a gram a day,’ explains Adam. ‘Leo and I never had an argument. But he started surrounding himself with people that didn’t want me around. He’s the biggest star in the world and there’s me, messed up on drugs. I was slowly shut out of his world.”

Leonardo DiCaprio Relationships:

Leonardo DiCaprio is a serial lover of super models and A-list actresses when it comes to the relationships in his personal life. He was charming and handsome since forever and he has dated some of the most famous ladies in the Hollywood industry who were even considered ‘out of league’ by many of the fellow male artists.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bridget Halls:

Leonardo was reported to be roaming around New York all in love with the model Bridget Hall in 1998 by The London Sun. Although Bridget said in her interview with the New York Magazine that nothing happened between them, Leo was reportedly dumped after a disappointing “night of love”.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Brittany Daniel:

In 1994, the 18 year old actress Brittany Daniel fell for Leonardo and seduced him on-screen while acting for The Basketball Diaries. They dated off-screen for a few weeks and then broke up.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Naomi Campbell:

The next model whom he got romantically interested in, was the British model Naomi Campbell. They dated for a few weeks in 1995 but it didn’t work out. They remain good friends till this day.

Leonardo DiCaprio Family tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings & More

Leonardo DiCaprio & Kristen Zang:

Kristen Zang was the first woman Leonardo dated for the longest in his history. Their relationship went on for two years from 1996 to 1998, until Kristen dumped Leo because of his immaturity and “posse of young model-hounds”.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Helena Christensen:

After the release of Titanic, Helena Christensen, a Victoria’s Secret model and Leonardo were seen partying together and that ended there.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Natasha Henstridge:

The model turned actress, Natasha Henstridge was also one of Leonardo’s party friends but nothing happened beyond that.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Amber Valletta:

Leonardo fell in love with Amber when he saw her in a magazine for the first time. He made his representatives track her down and arrange a date. They briefly dated in 1998.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bijou Philips:

Bijou is the daughter of the famous musician John Philips and she too fell for him when Leo hooked her up with director of Black and White and she starred in that movie. They dated for a brief time and then broke up.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Eva Herzigova:

Eva Herzigova is a Victoria’s Secret model and she dated Leo for a month in 1998 until things fell apart, because she was married Tico Torres, the Bon Jovi drummer.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Gisele Bundchen:

Gisele and Leonardo’s relationship went on for five years from 2000 to 2005 until they broke up for undisclosed reasons.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli:

Leonardo was much invested in activism when he met Bar who felt the same. They dated from 2005 to 2011 but that includes a six month break in between the relationship.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Anne Vyalitsyna:

During Leo’s break with Bar, he dated the Anne who is a Russian Victoria’s secret model.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively:

Blake always had a crush on Leo and she cooked to impress him. He fell for her briefly and they dated in 2011.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Madalina Ghenea:

Leonardo and Madalina Ghenea never admitted their relationship publically but they were rumored to have dated briefly.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton:

Erin is another Victoria’s Secret model who dated Leo for 10 months in 2012.

Leonardo DiCaprio Family tree, Parents, Wife, Son, Siblings & More

Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn:

Toni is yet another Victoria’s Secret model who dated Leo but she broke up with him in 2014.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Kelly Rohrbach:

Kelly Rohrbach and Leonardo dated in the spring of 2015 and their romance was also seasonal.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Rihanna:

Rihanna and Leonardo never embarked on a relationship but after a flirtatious night in a Paris Club, they were rumored to be dating but never said anything.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Laura Whitmore:

Leonardo fell for yet again a model and Laura was a TV presenter as well. They dated briefly but things never worked out.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Victoria Robinson:

Victoria and Leo were photographed leaving a party together and they seemed to be dating. But things didn’t for long enough to become a thing.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone:

Leonardo is currently dating Camila Morrone, a 20 year old model turned actress with over 1 million instagram followers.

Leonardo DiCaprio Children

The famous American actor doesn’t have any children yet. But when the Rolling Stone magazine interviewed Leonardo about his plans on having children and starting a family, this is what he had to say, “Do you mean do I want to bring children into a world like this? If it happens, it happens. I’d prefer not to get into specifics about it, just because then it becomes something that is misquoted. But, yeah. I don’t know. To articulate how I feel about it is just gonna be misunderstood.”


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