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Lionel Messi Biography

Regarded as one of the greatest ever footballer born on the planet Earth. Messi is a household name, who could only face serious competition from Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Bred and nurtured at Barcelona youth system among the stars like Pique and Fabregas, Lionel Messi has won over anything humanly possible in his 17 years long allegiance to Spanish bigwig club. The vast trophy collection and habitual netting goals aren’t the only things making Lionel Messi prominent on the board. His story is way above than it as it inspires millions across the globe. Diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency at the age of 10, Messi didn’t fumble up even for the second and went on going after his target of becoming the world’s number 1 footballer.

Lionel Messi Biography
Real Name: Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccitini
Nick Name: Leo | Messidone | La Pulga | La Pulga Atomica
Height: 1.70 meter | 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 72 kg (159 lbs)
Birth Date: 24-06-1987
Age: 32 Years
Birth Place: Rosario, Argentina
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Favourite Food: ‎Escalope Milanese, Salad
Favourite Color: Red and White
Favourite Animal Pet:
Address: Lionel Messi Camp Nou Carrer d'Arístides Maillol, s/n. 08028 Barcelona Spain

Barcelona backed young Messi’s mission and provided him with the complete medication after getting him under his wings at Spain.  Now with paying back to his club, Messi has won 29 trophies, which includes four UEFA Champions League titles, eight La Liga titles and five Cop del Rey.  At the same time, Argentinean striker holds the record of most goals in La Liga (362) and has also stood tall with winning 5 Ballon d’Or. Messi, who is better known for spreading his magic with Barcelona, has failed to win it big with his national team. Now with World Cup 2018 gearing up, Messi will be eyeing to try his luck once again after ending the 2014 campaign as the runner-ups.

Lionel Messi Early Life

Born in Rosario, the same city as of revolutionary fighter Che Guevara, Lionel Messi turned out to be a real fighter for the Argentinean football, which lacked a hero since Diego Maradona.  Being a lifelong supporter of Newell’s Old Boys, Messi went on joining the ranks of this Rosario-based club, where he showed off his skills for six years, until the age of 12. What made the young Messi a bit discomfort was the disease named as the growth hormone deficiency. Which slowed him down and also affected the physical stature, which young guns of his age had.

Barca stepped up and provided the complete medication for Messi at the age of 13 after he signed up for the youth system of the La Liga club. Messi not tormented after seeing him weaker and smaller as compared to the growing up guys of his age. He remained focused on his plus points and went on executing them superbly to reach where he is today.

Lionel Messi Early Football Career

Lionel Messi has been spot on since his early days; the only hindrance he had to face was the growth hormone deficiency, which he got rid off after getting under the umbrella of Barcelona. People term Messi as the product of Barcelona youth system, but it won’t be fair to say so as he was bred and nurtured at his first club Newell’s Old Boys until the age of 13. Not to forget, Messi struck 500 goals at his first club in his six years presence over there. It should be kept noted here that Messi was also the part of the nearly unbeatable youth side at the club named ‘The Machine of ’87.

At the age of 10, after diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, Messi didn’t give up and continued with his passion for the game of football.  The health issue also reflected a bit on his game as well as he lacked the stamina and toughness as other growing lads of his age had with them.

Lionel Messi Argentina National Team

Being a dual citizen of Spain and Argentina, Messi had choices of playing on either side, but her preferred donning the Albiceleste as this one’s his native country.  Even living in Spain since teenage, Messi played for Argentina even in the youth world cup and later on represented U20 and U23 as well before joining the senior side.  The thing which might weaken his case for his native side is he has failed to win anything big except the FIFA U-20 World Cup for his native country. Messi, the solo star of Argentina is trying level best to win it for Albacete and last three runner-up campaigns at FIFA World Cup 2014 and two Copa Americas are proof of it.

Lionel Messi Club Career

Barcelona C

(2004-05 – Ongoing) Barcelona

Barcelona B

Lionel Messi Barcelona

Barcelona is like a godfather to Messi as La Liga top club paid expenses for the treatment of this young lad when his first club Newell’s reneged on their promise. The budding wannabe footballer, Messi was only 13 at the time and relocated to Barcelona from Rosario. Since then Messi has been honing his skills at Barcelona youth Academy amid the likes of Pique and Fabregas. Later on, the Argentinean wonder kid played for Barca Juvenil A, Barcelona B and then successfully made it into Barcelona senior side in 2004. Now with his 13-years at Barcelona, Messi has won around everything possible for Barcelona including La Liga titles, Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup and much more.

Lionel Messi Transfer

There might be many bidders looking out for snapping Messi in their side. But this has remained a question not be much bothered about as Argentinean star carries on the repute as a one-club man.  His allegiance with Barcelona is there since the striker was only 13 and now being a 30-year-old Messi is still with the club. And paying them back with winning dozens of trophies.  Some reports around also suggest that Messi will be putting a full stop to his career with joining the ranks of his first club, Atletico Newell, although yet isn’t known whether this will become a reality or not.

Lionel Messi Injury

Lionel Messi very well knows how crucial his presence is for Barcelona and national side Argentina as well. So he tries his level best to remain in top fitness and form.  And now with World Cup 2018 knocking at the door, Messi is all gearing to get best out of him as the reliable sources hint that this one will be his last mega event for the national side. The thing which might put more of the responsibility on Messi’s shoulder is Argentina ending as runner-up in last two Copa Americas and the FIFA World Cup 2014 as well.  The FIFA World Cup 2018 seems to be the last opportunity for Messi to win it big for his native country.

Lionel Messi and Ronaldo

The question which has been making rounds in at least every of the football fans life of this generation is Messi vs. Ronaldo? This rivalry or better to call as competition has turned out to be one of the mysteries as both are equally good. And the five Ballon d’Or each to their name is proof of it.  Both have been possessing large trophies collection and the fan base as well across the globe. The thing which makes their on-field rivalry pretty more prominent on the board is their contrasting personalities and playing style.

Many of the football pundits rate Messi above than his Real Madrid counterpart when it comes to playmaking, whereas CR7 stands tall when it comes to aggressive striking.  The Messi vs. Ronaldo battle isn’t something only making fans go crazy on the football pitch as they have also been rubbing each other’s shoulder when it comes to endorsements, salaries, deals, and social media fans bases.

Lionel Messi Family

Messi’s birth in a football-loving family boosted his dreams of becoming a professional football. His father Jorge Messi, who was a steel factory manager, had a great love for the game of football. The Sr. Messi also coached the young football local side, which had Leo in it. On the other hand, Messi spends most of his time playing with his brothers, Rodrigo and Matias and his cousins, Maximiliano and Emanuel Biancucchi. What left a long-lasting impression on Messi during his childhood was his maternal grandmother’s support. Who often used to accompany him during his training and t matches at local club Grandoli.

Lionel Messi Affairs

The one-man-club is proudly a one-women-man when it comes to personal life as he has been in a relationship with Antonella Roccuzzo since he was 20. What would make you believe more upon the loyalty of the world’s greatest ever footballer is Messi knows Roccuzzo. Since he was five as she used to live in her native town Rosario, back in Argentina.  Apart from Rocuzzo, who has been there in Messi for long-term, the Argentinean striker also had short dating stint with the beauties of his native country, Luciana Salazar and Macarena Lemos.

Lionel Messi Girlfriends

Luciana Salazar

Macarena Lemos

Antonella Roccuzzo

Who is Lionel Messi Wife?

The star footballer got into a relationship with Antonella Roccuzzo since he was 20; at first, he kept all this away from the limelight. A year after he went vocal about his relationship with Roccuzzo, the girl whom he knows since the age of 5. The couple went on having a 9-years long relation. Which resulted in the birth of two sons, named Thiago Messi (born 2012) and Mateo Messi (born 2015). Finally, in summer 2017, the star football decided to officially tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend in a lavish wedding ceremony. Which held at a hotel in Rosario, Argentina. It should keep mentioned here that this star-studded wedding touted as the ‘wedding of the century.’

Lionel Messi Net Worth

Honoured as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Messi stands firm on the second spot. When it comes to the highest-paid footballer on the planet; just shy of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. And it’s no hide that Messi had some great chances to outsmart Ronaldo as a highest-paid footballer, with all thanks to his latest contract. Which will be keeping him up at Barcelona until 2021. Under the new contract, Messi will be making eye-opening £500,000 (€565,000) a week.  Apart from this, Messi will also be getting £44.5 million signings on bonus from his new deals.

Messi Weekly Earning

£500,000 (€565,000) a week

Messi Annual Salary

£40 million ($53 million)

Messi Endorsements & Sponsorship deals earning

£20 million

Lionel Messi Estimated Net Worth

£60 million ($80 million)

Lionel Messi Cars Collection

Messi isn’t as car-enthusiast as his counterpart at Real Madrid. But still, he has some of the best automobile beasts in his collection. Including the Range Rover, Ferrari F430 Spider, Audi RS 6 and Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale. Lionel Messi, who posses exuberating net worth of something around $80 million isn’t shy of showing off his cars collection. Which is just getting bigger and bigger by every passing day.

Lionel Messi House

Messi has got a lavish mansion in Barcelona and Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires as well. The residential places, owned by the star cost millions of pounds. But getting a dozen more like them is something as easy as pie for the star footballer. Up the latest, a football-themed house, owned by Messi is the talk of the town.

Interesting Facts about Lionel Messi

The Argentinean striker holds dual nationality; one of his native country Argentina and another one of Spain, where he’s living since his teenage.

Messi diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency at the age of 10. His first club promised to contribute but later reneged on their words.

Barcelona afforded the medical expenses of young Messi and got him with themselves under their youth system.

Barcelona’s sporting director Carles Rexach so excited after seeing Messi’s talent with the ball that he went on writing a detailed first contract with Messi at the age of 10 on a paper napkin.

Now regarded as world’s best footballer ever, Messi played under the Barcelona youth system after relocating to Spain.  The budding star footballer was accompanied with modern-day stars like Pique and Fabregas at academy those days.

Messi got the Number 10 Barcelona jersey from Ronaldinho, who was a great admirer of the Argentinean striker.

He’s the only player to win Ballon d’Or four times consecutively.

Lionel Messi Online Appearance



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