Russell Wilson Family Tree, Father, Mother, Siblings, Relationships & Children

The family is the most important part of any man’s life whether he is a normal person or a celebrity of this world. It is the family that paves the way for your life. If you have the support of your family, then you can struggle harder and make your name in this world and get through even the toughest of situations eventually and easily. Here this page ”Russell Wilson Family Tree, Father, Mother, Siblings, Relationships, Children” especially concerns with family and personal relationships of Russell Wilson.

NFL Football is one of the most popular sports in America, and almost all of the players are there because of their handwork and dedication along with support from their family. Some of them had a rough childhood and poor families, but they made it their power to get ahead. While some of them had ancestry that was proficient in sports and they took it as inspiration to get ahead. The NFL history is filled with stories of all the great NFL players with a majority athletic background.

Russell Wilson Family:-

Wilson is one of the newcomers in the NFL world that with they’re off the chart play has made a huge fan base and fame for them altogether. Russell Williams although didn’t have an easy childhood but it was not rough at all. He was a little juvenile in his early teens, but at age 14 he changed the course of his life for good, and that got him to where he is today. He is also one of the very few NFL players that have records of their ancestry. For fans today we have collected all these details in the following article for them to read them and know more about Russell Wilson’s family.

Russell Wilson Father Name:-

Russell Wilson was born at The Christ Hospital of Cincinnati Ohio. He was the second son of the man named Harrison Benjamin Wilson III.  Wilson’s father was a lawyer by profession. His father had a slightly athletic background that might be the very reason for Russell to pursue sports. Russell father used to play both Baseball and Football at Dartmouth College. Russell Wilson Family. He sued to be a wide receiver in San Diego Chargers 1980 Preseason game. According to Wilson, his father used to play both football and baseball with him and his older brother.

Russell Wilson Mother Name:-

The name of Wilson’s mother is Tammy Wilson Turner.  She Legal Nurse Consultant by profession. She if not have a comfortable life also didn’t have a rough one. Russell Wilson Family. She with what little she had for a living spent and raised her children with all the care and love she could give. Russell Wilson Family. She did not have any athletic background of her own but always supported her children whom all of them had athletic abilities.

Russell Wilson Ancestry:-

Russell Wilson had an amazing ancestry in both athletic and academic background. That is why besides being a rough and crude footballer he is still pretty much articulate in his style.  He also has multiple degrees from universities. The details of his ancestry are as follows.

  • Great Great Grandfather; Wilson’s Great great grandfather used to be a salve to one of the Confederate Colonels. He was freed after the American Civil War was over.
  • Paternal Grandfather of his was Harrison B. Wilson Jr. He was the president of Norfolk State University. He was also a player of football and basketball at Kentucky State College.
  • His paternal Grandmother’s name was Anna W. Wilson who was a faculty member of the Jackson State University.
  • On his mother’s side, his maternal grandfather renowned American painter by the name of B. Jackson.

Russell Wilson Siblings:-

Russell Wilson grew up with two other siblings. One of them was a sister, and one was a brother.

  • He has an older brother named Harrison IV. Although he currently does not hold any professional supports career, he was still a good athlete back in his university days. He used to play both basketball and football for the University of Richmond.
  • He also has a younger sister named Anna Wilson whom he loves to spend time together even nowadays. His sister played basketball for the Stanford Women Basket Ball team.

Russell Wilson Relationship:-

Wilson has been married twice. The names of his wives are as follows.

  • His first wife’s name is Ashton Meem. They were both high school sweethearts who got married in 2012. However, due to personal differences, they were divorced only after two years in 2014.
  • His second wife is the famous American R&B American Singer named Ciara. Russell Wilson Family. She and Russell engaged with each other in March 2016 and married in July 2016.

Russell Wilson Children:-

From his first wife, Russell did not have any children. but From his second wife, Ciara Wilson is a father to a beautiful girl named Sienna. She was born on 28 April 2017.

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