Jill Rhodes: Unknown & Interesting Facts About Sean Hannity Wife

24 years and still strong, Sean Hannity’s married life with his better half Jill Rhodes Hannity is a story made in heaven. Hannity, who himself is the household conservative political commentator at Fox News Channel is honoured as one of the most looked after personalities of cable news and radio as well. On the other hand, his wife, Jill Rhodes, who kept her ambitious career flight low to go with her family priorities is said to be working as a chief editor of this popular show.  Even though Jill Rhodes is not that active on screens but yet people have always been curious to know more and more about her; parks of being a wife of one of the most popular cable news faces. Have a look on below given data to know more about Sean Hannity Wife.

Jill Rhodes: Unknown & Interesting Facts About Sean Hannity Wife

Sean Hannity Wife

Sean Hannity Wife Name: Jill Rhodes Hannity
Sean Hannity Wife Age: 50 years, August 27, 1962
Sean Hannity Wife Nationality: American
Sean Hannity Wife Occupation: Housewife, Working as an Editor at ‘The Sean Hannity Show’
Sean Hannity Wife Religion: Christianity
Sean Hannity Wife Education: Journalism grad from Alabama University

Sean Hannity Wife Jill Rhodes Wiki:

Sean Hannity Wife

The 50 years old Jill Rhodes has witnessed 24 years of his togetherness with Sean Hannity as both of them witnessed marriage anniversary this January. The decade’s long journey looks great for both the news-related personalities and their understanding and donning the hats as per the need of the hour has made them a happy couple, at least in their local circles. It will be pertinent to mention here that Jill herself had that potential to be a famous media face in the US, but she soon gave after tying the knot to Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes Marriage

Sean Hannity Wife

As we belief doctor for a doctor and an engineer for an engineer, the media boss Hannity did quite the same with tying knot with someone from the same media field. To be very exact, this all kicked off back in 1991 when Fox News optimum news personality was working at WVNN Radio and Rhodes was up with her budding career at Huntsville Times as a political columnist. Things took a better turn when the conservative political commentator asked Rhodes to be her advisor. A year or so after the boss-advisor went upgraded to dating and finally, the January of the year 1993 was the time for the wedlock for the lovebirds.

Sean Hannity Wife Jill Rhodes Education and Career

Sean Hannity Wife

Jill Rhodes, the Journalism graduate from the Alabama University always had the ambition to be top notch journo is the US and she did all that it was required. After getting her studies done she started working as a political columnist for Huntsville Times. It will be pertinent to mention here that she gave up her career to go with family priorities, and that came out as her personal decision.

Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes Kids

Sean Hannity Wife

The Sean Hannity- Jill Rhodes couple is blessed with two children, the son Patrick Hannity and the daughter Merri Kelly.  The elder of the two, Patrick, born in 1999 is 18 years old; on the other hand, Merri born in 2002 is 15 years old. It should be noted here that both the kids are crazy about playing Tennis.

Sean Hannity Wife Jill Rhodes Net Worth

Jill Rhodes

There isn’t much about the net worth or moolah Rhodes earning every year as his husband’s earnings are enough to grab the limelight. Hannity, the primer face of cable news made $36 million last year as per Forbes. At the same time, one can’t overshadow reliable sources claiming that the eminent journo stands tall among riches with over $80 million net worth.

Facts about Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity Wife

  • From Advisor to Ladylove

Jill Rhodes worked as an advisor to Sean Hannity while she was working as a political columnist at Huntsville Times. Things took a better turn and a year of dating or so the couple finally went on tying the knot in 1993.

  • Alabama Graduate and wannabe journo

Yes, Jill Rhodes got her journalism degree done from the Alabama University to fulfil her long-going ambition of becoming a journalist.

  • Sean Hannity – Jill Rhodes (Perfect Love Story)

Talking about how they felt after they got involved in one another; Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes look a perfect couple coming up as the product of perfect love.  In one of the interview, Jill Rhodes speaking about how things kicked off between him and Hannity told: “I looked at his face and I said, ‘That is the man I’m going to marry.”

Not to forget, Hannity dedicated his book ‘Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism’ to Jill Rhodes back in 2002.


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