Travis Kelce Facts; 20 Unbelievable Facts About Travis Kelce That You Might Not Know

One of the renowned Football tight ends is the name Travis Kelce. Travis Kelce was picked up by Kansas City Chiefs back in 2013’s NFL draft. Kelce Facts. He was the 63rd pick in the third round, but with his splendid defensive play on the field as a professional footballer, soon Travis made his presence known in the NFL world. This presence was immensely appreciated by Kansas City Chiefs fans, and this proportionally increased his fan base. ”Travis Kelce Facts” contains some of the most interesting and unknown facts about Travis Kelce.

The fans of Travis Kelce are eager to know about his life more and more. They don’t want to leave any interesting facts that they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, the information on Travis Kelce is rare, but for these fans, we have made efforts and were able to pile up quite a large piece of factual information about him. We have compiled all of the renowned facts about Travis Kelce here for you to review. These facts are as follows.

Travis Kelce Facts:

Travis Kelce NFL Drafting Process:-

As we all know that Travis Kelce is the pick of the third round and particularly among the worst, but he has made efforts in his previous years of playing football that earned him the fame he has today. For fans eyes, we have compiled the drafting process details which showed how bad his drafting process was and how far he has come from that bad state.

  • His dash for 40 yards was 4.61 seconds
  • He did not lift due to a sport injury
  • Did not participate in NFL Scouting Combine as a result of Sports Hernia
  • He could not run after the 40-yard dash in the Pro Day
  • Only 12 teams saw him perform on Pro Day

Travis Kelce Highschool:-

Travis Kelce does not only have a talent for  Football, instead of during his time at his Highschool, Cleveland Heights High School, but Travis was also playing three sports and was fairly best at them too. He played the following sports.

  • Football
  • Wrestling
  • Baseball

Travis Kelce Highschool Recognition Awards:-

During his time at graduation from his high school, Travis Kelce awarding with following titles.

  • Three Year Letter winner as a Quarterback
  • All-Lake Erie Lake Honors

Travis Kelce University of Cincinnati:-

Travis Kelce was given the scholarship from the University of Cincinnati because of his splendid high school play. In high school football, Travis made a total of 2500 yards along with 31 touchdowns in 1 year alone. In Cincinnati Football Team, Wildcat; Travis gave the position of tight end and quarterback.

Travis Kelce College Football Award:-

In March of 2012, Travis awarding with a title of “Tight End of the year” from the list of “College Football Performance Awards.”

Travis Kelce Family Football Genes:-

Travis Kelce has football in his genes. The talent is running throughout his family, but the closest to him is his older brother named Jason Kelce.  Jason Kelce is playing as the center for the Philadelphia Eagles team.

Travis Kelce Reality TV-Show:-

Travis alone did not appear on TV in football matches or brand endorsement commercials. In 2016, Travis Kelce decided that it’s time to be on television. The news is spreading by E! Entertainment Television that Travis is launching a reality Dating TV Show which will star Travis himself. The name of the show was “Catching Kelce.” Out of the contestants, a girl named Maya Benberry was the winner. Travis and Maya dated for four months and then broke off.

Travis Kelce Relationship:-

Despite being a young and popular NFL star, Travis Kelce is maintaining a stable lifestyle. This is evident from him being tied to only one girl instead of having a charade of girls that follow around celebrities. He is dating the reporter of a famous entertainment website HotNewHipHop named Kayla Nicole.

Travis Kelce Franchise History List:-

He managed to be the 11th player in the history of Franchise who has been able to make about 50 plus passes in their first three seasons of the career.

Travis Kelce another Franchise History Record:-

Kelce made the following stats for interceptions in his first season that made him the second player in Franchise History as a tight end player with this record. The first one is Tony Gonzalez.

  • 67 receptions ion 2014
  • 72 receptions in 2015
  • 65 receptions in 2016

Travis Kelce Career High Stat:-

In 2016, l Travis Kelce made a career-high state of having 140 receiving yards on eight receptions. The career record made by him in the game versus Atlanta Falcons.

Travis Kelce PWFA Title:-

In 2016 Travis Kelce adding in the list of Pro Football Writers for America (PWFA) All-NFL team list. The noted names in that list include the following.

  • Tyreek Hill
  • Marcus Peters
  • Eric Berry

Travis Kelce All-AFC Accolade:-

Kelce also managed to gather All-AFC accolades from the PWFA list being a tight end player.

Travis Kelce Offensive Team Captain:-

Ion 2017’s Playoff game against Pittsburg Steelers, Travis voting by his teammates to be the Offensive, team captain.

Travis Kelce Team Record List:-

In Wild Card matchup Game against Texans team, Travis made eight receptions for 128 yards in his careers first Postseason action game. This allowed him to be the eight-team person to make it on the Team record list for making 100 plus receiving yards in a playoff game.

Travis Kelce Reserved List:-

Due to his injuries, Travis Kelce spent most of the time in 2013 being on the Injured Reserve list of the team.

Travis Kelce Voted Title:-

In 2016, Sporting News voted and titled Travis Kelce as the All-Pro Tight End in regular season matches.

Travis Kelce First Time in Career:-

Due to his performance in 2016 and 2017’s regular season matches. Travis Kelce name by the title of being the All-Pro Tight End (TE).

Travis Kelce MVP:-

Kelce earned himself the title of 2017 Pro Bowl MVP after leading his team with 1125 receiving yards in regular season matches. In 2015 he was also first presenting to be named as the MVP of Pro Bowl season when he made 72 receptions for 825 yards along with five touchdowns.

Travis Kelce Fined for Unsportsman Like Behavior:-

In 2014, Travis Kelce fined for an amount of $11000 for unsportsmanlike conduct on the field after being defeated by their rival team. Travis made a jerking hand motion to the Denver Broncos Von Miller.  Travis has also earned himself an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Record List. He made three attempts of such conducts after losing and fined with a total of about $24 thousand. He is the third person who has made three Unsportsmanlike conducts on the field. Other two are Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez.

Travis Kelce 2017 List of Top Tight Ends:-

In 2017 list of Top 100 players. Travis voted for his fellow NFL players to be the 26th player as a whole on the list and as a tight end player, he ranked second.

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