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Ever since the ancient times, the importance of family is undeniable. Travis Kelce Family.  Everyone in this world needs at least one person that can hold your hand through the hardship of your life and show you the right path. Majority of the influential people in the history reported that it was due to the support of their family in hard times that they were able to stand against the world to make a difference. However, some of the other major figures of our human race did not have family or came from a distorted family background, but they took it as motivation to struggle for their life.

The fact above falls flat on many of the sporting celebrities. They came from no family background, worked hard and made it to the top of their career or at least got themselves recognized.

Travis Kelce Family:-

Kelce is the football tight end player for the NFL team, Kansas City Chiefs. Travis was the 63rd pick up in the third round, but in his rookie years of NFL matches, he displayed splendid offensive gameplay on the field that led to his team victories along with earning him a newer multimillion dollars deal along with a huge fan base. This fanbase is always eager to know about their favorite celebrity, and this also includes the details of his family background. Travis Kelce Family. For these fans, we have gathered up what little information we could scavenger on the public records. The family details of Travis Kelce are as follows.

Travis Kelce Birthplace:-

Kelce’s family is American by heritage. Travis Kelce Family. They have been the natives of America ever since its discovery. Kelce’s family is the resident of Ohio State’s city Westlake. Travis also born in Westlake, Ohio and spent most of his life there.

Travis Kelce Father Name:-

The name of Travis Kelce’s father is Ed Kelce. Ed Kelce is a normal American citizen with a typical trait of being a huge fan of their national sports like baseball, basketball and NFL football. This immense appreciation of Ed in sports can be seen by the fact that he only had two children and both of them are athletes by profession. According to Travis Kelce, his father often played football with him and his older brother and took them to major games.Travis Kelce Family. These were the best moments of our lives, and we decided to make them the lasting ones by being professional football players.

Travis Kelce Mother Name:-

The name of Travis Kelce’s mother is Donna Kelce. She is a typical housewife whose life’s the only purpose was to raise his family with utmost care, and she succeeded in that. Both of her boys love her and often visits her in their off-season time.

Travis Kelce Siblings:-

Travis only grew up with one older brother. The name of his older brother is Jason Kelce. He is also a professional NFL footballer. Travis Kelce Family. He plays for the Philadelphia Eagles as their center player. Travis claims that he looked up to his brother while growing up. When he is picking up in NFL, he also decided to be a professional footballer.

Travis Kelce Relationship:-

Travis Kelce had only two relationships. His first relationship was the one from his famous reality TV show “Catching Kelce.” Out of many contestants, women named Maya Benberry. Travis Kelce Family. They dated for only four months and got separated. Cruelty Travis is dating a woman named Kayla Nicole. She is a reporter for an entertainment website calling HotNewHipHop.

Travis Kelce Children:-

Travis is currently not a father to any child.

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