Where to study in Australia the cheapest?

Unfortunately, Australian higher education for foreigners does not differ in low cost. Of course, the Australian government and universities offer special scholarships and grants for international students, but not everyone can actually get them.

Studying at the Australian National University, the best university in the country, costs about $ 31,000 per year, and at the renowned University of Melbourne – about $ 28,000 per year. Agree, not cheap?

At Hotcourses.ru we believe that the high cost of education should not be an obstacle for those who really want to study in Australia.

If you can’t afford the top-rated universities on the Green Continent, we suggest you find out about more affordable educational institutions in the country, where you can get a quality education for much less money.

Canberra Institute of Technology , Canberra

Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 8,000 per year

The Canberra Institute of Technology has four campuses in the Australian capital and is a recognized provider of vocational and technical education. The institute is focused on preparing Australian and foreign students for successful employment in the most popular areas.

The Institute offers a wide variety of study programs that lead to certificates, diplomas, higher degrees and bachelor’s degrees. At an affordable price, here you can get a specialty in such areas as design, automotive, construction, hairdressing, business, journalism, cooking, fitness, foreign languages, electrical engineering, hospitality, tourism, IT, healthcare, veterinary medicine and pedagogy.

Kent Institute Australia , Sydney and Melbourne

Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 10,000 per year

The Kent Institute of Australia is a popular institution with modern campuses in Australia’s top student cities, Sydney and Melbourne.

The institute is in demand among foreign students who dream of building a career in Australia. During their studies, students receive high-quality vocational training and communicate with invited representatives of large companies cooperating with the institute. In addition, the educational institution has its own interactive portal on which its students and graduates can get acquainted with exclusive vacancies in the largest cities of the country. By the way, graduates of the institute get lifetime access to this portal. The institute currently offers programs leading to certificates, diplomas and higher degrees in business, marketing, accounting, management, leadership, project management and communications. In addition, undergraduate programs with specializations in business are available to students,

Alphacrucis College , Parramatta

Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 8,200 per year

Alfacrusis College is a Christian educational institution located in Parramatta, a suburb of Sydney. The college offers a diversified higher education in the most sought after areas, preparing students for further work or study in Australia.

As the largest Christian college in Australia, Alfacrusis College has approximately 5,000 students. The educational institution offers certificate and diploma programs, degrees of associate, bachelor, master and doctor. The college’s most sought-after subject areas include arts, business, community service, pedagogy, applied science, and leadership. In addition, the college offers Christian programs with specializations in church ministry, theology, church music, and philosophy.

Holmesglen , Melbourne

Estimated Tuition Cost: $ 10,200 per year

The Holmesglen Institute offers over 600 programs and enrolls over 50,000 students, making it one of the largest institutions of this type in Australia. At the moment, the institute has eight campuses, which are located in the suburbs of Melbourne and offer not only tuition, but also accommodation for students.

At the institute, you can get a variety of qualifications at the level of secondary specialized and higher education. Students have access to certificate and diploma programs, 3-year undergraduate programs and 2-year graduate programs. Holmsglen offers education in arts and design, business and finance, construction, community service and health, computer science and IT, English and education, hospitality, tourism and hi-tech management, agriculture, ecology, sports and fitness. The institute is renowned as the premier educational institution for the training of managers, human resources specialists and skilled workers in the hospitality industry.

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